Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.

Isaiah 26: 4


There are days when security feels like a concept that comes out of the science of quantum physics; I’ve heard about it, but it seems to be expressed in a language that is hopelessly foreign to me. Days like this are ones where I would truly like to trust in the promise of the future, even in the safety of the next hour, but my mind keeps revisiting the worst moments from all of the disaster movies that I have ever seen. Times like these require me to reorient my mind by opening my heart to the longer-term truths that life has taught me.


Here is one of those life-long truths that my mind wanders away from at times. God has always met every need that I have ever had. I can look back through my life and identify a continual stream of the Lord’s active involvement with me, for He was with me before I was willing to accept Him into my life, and He has been the primary identity of my heart since I asked Him in. God meets my deepest spiritual, emotional, and practical needs. For finances, food, shelter, acceptance, purpose, peace, joy, and love are all gifts that the Lord brings to me.


There is nothing wrong with being concerned about the condition of the world around us, for God tells us to be active participants in life. We are designed to work in order to provide for ourselves and we are given the resources that are needed to be able to do these things. We are also directed by God to care for others out of these resources. People were created to be living examples of Christ’s loving involvement with others; so, the fact that there are situations in our lives that cause insecurities to exist is not a problem, the challenge comes in how we respond to those troubling times.


It can be very difficult to trust in anyone or in anything; yet, to me, not trusting in God, who has a perfect track record of coming through in my life, seems totally illogical. When my heart starts to get shaky and my mind starts to become consumed by anxiety, I need to stop what I am doing and redirect what I am thinking about to point my mind toward God. I tell Him my concerns with deep honesty, and I listen to His calming voice of reason and hope; then, I trust Him enough to do what He tells me to do.