The beasts of the field will glorify Me; the jackals and the ostriches; because I have given waters in the wilderness and rivers in the desert, to give drink to My chosen people.

Isaiah 43: 20


The reader of this verse in the times of Isaiah would have understood exactly how amazing it was to consider that God would bless the lives of creatures such as jackals and ostriches; for, these were both in the category of creatures who had earned the disapproval of righteous people due to their behavior. The jackal would wait around until it found a dead or nearly dead animal or one that was either too young or too weak to defend itself; then, it would find its meal there. Ostriches were considered to be so dumb that they didn’t know how to care for their young or to properly conceal themselves when they were in danger. Still, God is glorified by even these members of His created order. The Lord sees the purpose and He has a plan for every thing and for everyone on this earth.


Just as the Lord brings water to the very driest places on the planet, and His touch causes rivers to flow in the middle of great deserts, God steps into each of our lives during our times of searing thirst. Then, He provides refreshment and life giving moisture that is completely in keeping with the degree of our need. The abrasive sands that rub our souls raw may be driven by the sinful hardness of our own hearts or they might be propelled on the winds of the evil in our world. The loneliness and the desolation of the wilderness is something that the Lord understands. He never fails to find us even in the farthest corner of that great expanse; for, my God comes looking for me, and He comes ready and equipped to rescue and to restore.


All of us spend time in the barren wildernesses of this world. Everyone experiences times of great loneliness and thirst; yet, these are times when the voice of the Lord seems to become even clearer. It is out of the deep darkness of these places that God’s face seems to shine the brightest, and His loving grace truly overcomes the oppression of sin and decay. It is in the wilderness that the dew of Christ’s salvation is the sweetest. There is never a time that is beyond the Lord’s redemption. No place is too far into the heart of the wilderness for Christ to reach. Here, in the center of this desert, is the place and now is the time to lift up my voice in praise to the Lord who does come for me bringing cool water to drink and salvation for my body and soul.