Jesus said, “I in them and you in me, that they may become perfectly one, so that the world may know that you sent me and loved them as you loved me.”

John 17: 23


During these final moments before He was arrested, Jesus was praying to the Father; yet, as He prayed in this very intensely emotional and extraordinarily personal time, He talked to God about His followers. Jesus was highly focused on talking through the details of the continuing relationships that His faith family would have with the Father and with Himself. Jesus wanted it to be completely clear to us that He would never leave us. For those present then, the form of the holy presence would change as He would come in the form of Holy Spirit to be our continual companion. Christ was also making it very clear that just as the Father is in Him that He is in us. Therefore, we are united with God, and all of the people of the world who know Christ are of one family, united in faith and in spirit.


The world should be able to look at Christians everywhere and see God. The world should be able to listen to our speech and hear God’s voice. We won’t speak the same languages, we don’t say things in the same manner, and there will be differing viewpoints on many issues. However, when it comes to the desire to live so that everyone who comes into contact with us comes into contact with the love and the truth of Christ; then, we should look like the largest group of identical siblings in history. Christ desires that everyone who calls Him Lord and Savior would be living as an expression of the love that has saved us from an eternity of separation from God.


Jesus is very clear in His desire regarding how He wants us to live, for He wants all of us to walk in the unity of His love and to experience the strength that comes from being united together through the Holy Spirit with Christ and with the Father. Jesus wants his entire faith family to stand unified in God’s love for us. He also desires for us to move out of our comfortable walls of sacred expression so that we can take our super natural unity into the world to demonstrate that Christ is the answer to all of the barriers that people establish between themselves and with God. When this happens, we glorify Christ and demonstrate His saving love to the world.