It seemed fitting for me as well, having investigated everything carefully from the beginning, to write it out for you in consecutive order, most excellent Theophilus; so that you might know the exact truth about things you have been taught.

Luke 1: 3, 4 (NAS)


Does it ever seem to you that exact truth is hard to find? Also, in a world covered by the chocking fog of delusion it is equally difficult to discern. Satan’s specific intent is to create doubt in our minds and distrust in our hearts. There is victory in his camp when people decide that God is not real, not for them, or not something that they need concern themselves with today. Those victory celebrations become raucous parties when professed followers of Christ turn against His will by oppressing others, spouting out hatred, and judging people and their practices in ways that are reserved for God alone.


Truth is a demanding master. It leaves little room for deviation or for compromise. Yet truth is also filled with grace and understanding. Truth brings mercy with it when it comes to visit, and it provides comfort as its parting gift. Exact truth has a narrow and a specific definition. It’s meaning is not found in dictionaries or by Internet searches. Exact truth exists in only in the person of Christ. It is the logos, the living word that permeates the very core of our beings. It is the expression of the new life that followers of Christ receive by way of grace. This exact truth is. It forms the center of the universe and is the foundation of all creation.


Truth is set out in God’s written word. It runs as the pulse of every sentence and each chapter of that narrative. It is breathed into God’s people by and through the Holy Spirit. It is discerned in prayer and heard in times of meditation. God’s truth never fails to satisfy our needs, and it always provides sufficient food for our souls. Exact truth walked the dusty roads of Palestine, and He walks the troubled paths of our lives. Truth is present for our taking. It is with us in Christ’s body, word, and Spirit. Exact truth brings peace on earth even in the midst of the storm of chaos with which Satan attempts to surround us.