Search me, O God, and know my heart!

Try me and know my thoughts!

Psalm 139: 23


These are the words of someone who really trusts God. The desire to be known by God is a part of growing and maturing in our relationship with Him. Generally, when we start out in a relationship we want to know everything there is to know about the other person, and in the process of building the relationship, we start to give them small portions of ourselves. As time goes by and we don’t learn anything too scary about the other person, we start to open up more of ourselves to them.


God does things very differently; He opens His entire book to us in advance. We can study His nature and His character in detail; we have access to His relational history, and we know what He thinks about us. All of this information is available before we have given anything to Him. The heart of God is the truest open book that exists. The Lord desires that we would want Him to know us totally. He does know us; for. He created each of us, and quite simply, He does know all. What He wishes is that we would grow in our trust of Him to the place where the words of this Psalm would become our daily prayer.


By going through the day with this prayer on our lips and with this desire in our hearts, we are opening up our thinking to God, and we are trusting Him with our transparency regarding the underlying heart motives for everything we engage in. Then we can allow the Lord to take us through our day to places that are more in line with his desire for us, and we trust him to tell us when we are off track. We are also allowing Him to encourage us and to praise us when we are listening and doing His will. When I trust God to this degree, when I am open with Him to this deep level, the rewards and the blessings that Christ gives to me are truly amazing.



I will put my trust in Him.

Hebrews 2: 13


We may not think much about it, and that is the point, but every day we trust in a great many things and people. If we get into a car to drive somewhere, we trust that the people who designed and manufactured that car knew something about their craft. We also trust the other drivers on the road to have reasonable skill at operating their machines, and we rely on their good intentions to stay in their own space on the road. If we fly in an airplane, undergo a medical procedure, or deposit money in a bank; we are trusting others to do their jobs with skill and competency. My point is that we trust people and systems as an automatic part of the way we live. So, the question that comes to mind is, “Who do you trust when it comes to things that really matter?”


The important things, the ones that matter, involve relationships. This is where eternity is on view in our lives. In this area of life we find the satisfaction of our deepest needs, and we also get to know our truest selves. When it gets down to relationships that go deep and that are intended to last over time and through hard tests, people have one choice in where we can put our trust. Perhaps the writer of Hebrews can help us with this bit of foundational understanding. In this verse we have the voice of Jesus speaking about the fact that He places His trust in the Father. It would seem that if it is good enough for Jesus, then, it should be sufficient for me.


God’s Word tells us about His character and His will for all of His creation. This certainly includes people. God not only commands, but He clearly demonstrates how we are to live. He has also gone through all of life with every generation of humanity from the beginning of time to this day, and God has answered our needs and provided us with everything that we require to succeed in the process of navigating the course of life. God’s faithfulness to us and His capacity to take us through this life with peace and joy in our hearts is without limit and is unstoppable. So, we are required to do one very big thing in all of this. We are asked to follow Jesus and trust God. This is true for every situation, in each event or happening, and with all of our relationships. When we do this, the prayer of our hearts can be, “I put my trust in Him.”

Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon, I have given to you, just as I promised to Moses.

Joshua 1: 3


Consider the possibilities. Think of the potential, and embrace the confidence that could come out of owning a promise like this. These are the words of God spoken to Joshua when he had just taken on the leadership of the people of Israel. He was about to take steps that would lead to the completion of a long journey. Joshua was about to move in a manner and in a direction that required that he have faith in God and trust Him totally. So God told Joshua to believe that everything was already handled.


Now, move ahead in time to now. How does this promise from God relate to this world? Is it possible to go out into our own land and to move through the day with the sort of faith based boldness, the fearlessness and confidence that was given to Joshua? From my perspective, I often spend way too much time in asking the questions rather than in trusting God for the outcome. He made a promise then, and that promise is still good today.


I will not leave you or forsake you. Be strong and courageous.

Joshua 1: 5b, 6a


If we follow the direction of God to live our lives with an attitude of taking back our world, He promises to be with us for every moment of the engagement. What does it mean to take back our world for God? Firstly, God created it. It has been temporarily inhabited and damaged by Satan and his followers, but that inhabitation has a certain end, and they do not have absolute control. Secondly, God wants all of the people of this world to be in a close, personal, member of His family type of relationship with their Creator. Finally, God has created each of us with the skills and the talents that are needed to make the connections with people, and he desires that we would trust him and that his love for us would be important enough for us to share this love and truth with the people that we meet as we go through life.


So, trust God from the beginning to the end of the day; know that He walks with you through all of it. So, every place that you step is holy ground, for He is stepping there too, and every inch of it belongs to the Lord. Feel safe to love those that you meet, share Jesus with them in your thoughts and actions, and through words. Every person that you meet today needs to know Him, and Christ wants to know everyone of them. Today is the day to claim your corner of this world for its Creator and for your Savior.