Give ear to my words, O Lord; consider my groaning.

Give attention to my cry, my King and my God, for to you do I pray.

Psalm 5: 1, 2


Words, sometimes they come readily and at other times they will not even start to develop in the mind. Words are a tool that our minds use to give form to thoughts, and they are the device that our mouths utilize in expressing those concepts. The words that we speak can be light and even silly as a kitten playing with a ball, and they can be too heavy to lift. Circumstances have a very real impact on the words that we use. Circumstances can shut down all of our ability for articulate utterance.


None of that matters to God, for He listens and He hears all of them. Some times the only sound that seems to be coming out of our mouths is that of the groans of deeply felt pain. This is the agony that defies clear thought or expression. These are times when the heart is broken and the mind desires solace. These are the hours and days of deep mourning and grief. These are times that God knows from the depths of His being as He has walked along the road called loss for more hours than we could begin to count. You see, God is not a king who rules from afar or a lord who commands but does not touch and know his subject’s lives. Instead He walks with us each and every step of the journey.


We can take all of our words to our God. They do not need to be beautiful and well formed. These expressions of our heart’s condition can be honest and direct. At times they are nothing more than the pained groans that come from the barren and broken places deep inside. In it all God hears, understands, and responds. He is the King who desires to see His people prosper and thrive. He is the great Lord who grants us grace and mercy, and who wants to direct us into living in the peace of His kingdom. My God hears all, loves me absolutely and leads me into His perfect truth.