And it shall come to pass that everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Acts 2: 21


Peter is speaking about the end of time when God’s will for the redemption of His creation shall be completed. This is something that is to take place over a period of time that is outside of human understanding. God doesn’t reveal the details of His timeline or of His methodology to us. What the Lord does say is that He wants us to trust His word and believe in His promise that this work of redemption will be completed. It is in this faith and by this trust that each of us who follow Christ are called upon by God to live in these days of uncertainty and distress.


It seems to me that these troubled times are situated in a place that is well along God’s timeline for the last days. The violence, angry rhetoric, and injustice of our days are an indicator of the growing divide between God’s will and that of the powers of this world. What is happening around us causes a very significant amount of pressure to be placed upon people of faith in several ways. There is much to fear in our world; so, fearfulness and caution are rational reactions to it all. Many of the actions of our governments are unjust and unrighteous; so, radical change is something that we seek. Also, in a highly relativistic and equivocal world we desire a solid place to set our feet; so, we turn to our national identity for that bedrock of truth.


Yet, none of these responses is the one that God calls us to. His Word and the revelation of His Spirit point us toward Christ alone as the answer to the stormy environment of these last days. Then, in and with Christ we can engage with the political and the cultural concerns that trouble our hearts and confuse our minds. God’s desire for His creation is its redemption from the death grip of sin, and followers of Christ are to be workers in the achievement of that plan. At the end of it all Christ will cleanse and then restore all of creation to the glory of God’s original work. Until then, our salvation is found singularly in Christ, and our mission is to proclaim that reality to all who will listen.