The LORD of Hosts has sworn:

“As I have planned

so shall it be,

and as I have purposed,

so shall it stand.”

Isaiah 14: 24


The thought in this passage goes on to discuss what will happen to Assyria as a result of its godlessness. So, I could start to speculate about who are the Assyrians in our world today and look at what godless things they are doing. However, that is not what strikes me here as being important. Our world has always had its Assyrians, and it will until Christ puts an end to all that is evil in creation. What I am led to focus on are the facts that the Lord plans and He purposes, and so, those plans serve to develop God’s purposes in a way that is reality from the moment of its inception.


God doesn’t engage in speculative planning. There are no trial balloons in His processes. When He desires an outcome or sees a need to be met, those outcomes will be achieved. His timing and those process steps along the way to that achievement may require only moments to reach completion or they might take centuries to get there. Yet, God’s plans are never thwarted and are not debatable. It seems that some of these timing issues are mostly related to the Lord’s desire to bring people closer to Him by and through this working out of His will. God wants us to join Him with our passion for the justice and the righteousness that are always a part of the central goal of His planning.


So, as the Lord plans, He also sets His purpose to implement those plans. When God purposes to see something done, He applies all of His resources to that endeavor. As I have observed, the Lord’s storehouse of resources is impressive! Yet, He frequently pours them out into people, and allows us to join Him in effecting the outcome of His plans by joining Him in faith in working out the often miraculous work of His will. It seems to me that as a follower of Christ one of the most important things that I can do is to realize the unrelenting and universal truth of God’s oath above, and then to earnestly and continually seek out my Lord’s will for my life. Also, this life truth should lead me to a place where I can rest peacefully in confident assurance of Christ’s victory over all and in God’s plan and purpose for me and my life as it relates to all that exists in the world.