Do not hold your faith in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ with an attitude of personal favoritism.

James 2: 1


Everyone likes to be the favorite, the favored child, the one that the teacher calls on, the person with the best seat, or the first one picked. It feels good and it gives us a sense of importance in a world where there is so much that diminishes our understanding of value and significance. All people have a place in God’s heart that is unique and special. Yet, He is that last one to tell us that this remarkable place of favor with the Lord gives any of us a place of superiority in our world.


It seems that God seeks to elevate all people to His place of glory. He promises us that when we enter into a relationship with Him that the transformation that He works in us includes our relocation from the dark cellar of the lost to a seat of honor in His throne room. So, if we attempt to claim superiority over others, or we start placing people on a plane that is superior to others for any reason, even for ones that might seem spiritually oriented, we are acting contrary to God’s will and are defying His plan of equal grace and absolute mercy.


When we place our humanly defined limits on God we usually go far astray from the understanding that He wants us to have of Him. This can lead us to take actions that we claim are done for God’s glory; when, in fact, they are done solely for our own. We need to listen to the voice of God as He tells us about the beauty, value, and special giftedness that He has given to every person. No one is greater than another and none hold lesser status, either. We honor God when we seek to elevate and honor everyone, and when we see them through the eyes of the loving Father who views every person as a blessing to Himself and to our world.