Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.

2 Timothy 2:1


My mind doesn’t always like to just accept things; I fight against ideas, concepts, certainly rules, and ready agreement. I can’t help it, it is just the way I am; yet, there are times when just accepting something is the best way to go. If someone opens a door for you, just go with it; if your neighbor shovels the snow off your walks, simply be thankful; and when God tells you that He is giving the gift of His unending love and total forgiveness for everything, we need to live like we believe that this is true.


No matter how hard we work at it and regardless of what we do, we can’t pay for the sacrifice that Jesus made on our accounts. This remains true even when what we do seems to be directly related to God’s plan and purpose for our lives. So, we shouldn’t try. Instead, God wants us to honor Him, to respect His love, and to behave in a way that when others encounter us, they see Jesus. This takes real strength, not the superficial kind of might that is represented by the hard muscles of power lifting, but rather, strength that comes from the core of your being. This strength is exercised through trust in Christ that is practiced daily and by having faith that He will provide everything that life requires each moment It is made especially strong by extending grace, compassion, and understanding, by bringing unconditional and outwardly focused love, to the people that God brings into your path.


So, this is a great day to extend a helping hand, a ready smile, a kind act, or an offer to share the truth of real freedom that is yours in Christ with someone who needs grace and unending strength. This is the day that Christ has given to each of us to stand firmly in the confidence of His presence and to fight back against the destructive forces that Satan brings into this world. Be strong in the knowledge that, in Christ, you are totally free and that He is absolutely mighty in you.