Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.

Hebrews 10: 23


A promise is exactly that, when it comes from God. The Lord says what He thinks, and His mind is focused only on that which is holy, just, loving, and righteous. In fact, if there is one thing that I know can be counted on in this world, it is the clarity of God on what sorts of living will lead to a life that is rich and full of the grace of His presence. God’s Word provides us with a highly practical narrative of God’s will and desire for us and a telling of the way that the Lord has continually engaged with His creation in working out that will on the earth. Although there is great mystery surrounding the full nature of God, the Lord, Himself, works to reveal His nature, character, and truth to us.


Christ is the answer to this revelation. When we confess our surrender to Him, we enter into the hope of redemption that God has promised to all of His creation in and through Jesus. As Jesus is our Lord, He is our Savior; thus, as He is our Savior, He is also our Redeemer. A significant aspect of this redemption is found in knowledge, understanding, and the wisdom that flows out of this deeply connected relationship with God. In Christ the Spirit indwells us, and the Spirit opens our eyes so that we can see through the fog and the haze of sin into the glory of eternity that is now ours. This grants to us an appreciation for the valid hope that overcomes all of life’s challenges and trials and illuminates the sure path that we can travel in order to stay upright and true to God’s holy calling for our lives.


God promised His redemption to His people, and He delivered on that promise in Christ. God committed to open up the mysteries of His will to us; so, He gave His Spirit to His people. The Lord declared that He would never leave us, and He has sealed that covenant with the blood of Jesus. We enter into a relationship with our Lord by walking on the shaky feet of sinful people; then, in Christ’s strength and wisdom, we travel forth in the full confidence of being God’s beloved and chosen people. This world will throw the full weight of its confusion and chaos at us, but we can stay true to Christ and dwell in the hope of our redemption, for He will never depart from our side. This is God’s faithful and true promise to His people.

Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving;

let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!

Psalm 95: 2


There are striking similarities between our world and the way that we live and those of the Israelites in the days of Moses. Now, on the surface, that is a really strange idea for most of us as we are not living as desert dwelling nomads who are constantly in search of water and safe passage. Yet, when we look at those deeper levels of the heart and relationship with God, we are the same sort of human beings as they were. However, we enjoy one great advantage over the people that Moses was leading. We have direct and personal access to that relationship with God as we have the risen Christ as our Savior, Lord, and Confessor before the Most High God.


Thus, we are not bound to a specified place wherein we can come into the presence of God. Also, we are not required to have designated priests who are the authorized workers of sacraments and intermediaries between our Lord and ourselves. In Christ we are God’s royal priesthood, and we are the literal bearers of His presence in the person of the indwelling Holy Spirit. So, in Christ, each of us is a fully authorized worker of sacrament and exists in the unceasing presence of God. This reality is no small thing, for it means that all of the life of a follower of Christ should look like worship of the Lord. Everything that we think, say, and do is invested with celebration of the new life in Christ that we have been granted, and each of our days is a gift from God to be poured out in love upon our world.


If we accept the truth of these ideas, the life that we live will be altered and the manner in which we conduct it will be radically changed. Although life is certainly not always joyful, we can find the joy of our salvation in the presence of the Lord in and through it all. So, we can allow our hearts to sing in praise of Christ throughout all of our days, and each of those days will become a festival of worship to our King. Christ has freed His people from bondage to this world, and He sets us free to live boldly and joyfully in His continual presence. So, in His presence we can sing out our song of freedom as a gospel hymn that lifts our own spirits and shares our joy in the Lord with others.