Foe every beast of the forest is Mine, the cattle on a thousand hills.

Psalm 50: 10


Almost everyone that I have talked with has memories of being corrected, and many of those recollections involve some form of stern voice that speaks in a manner that is impossible to mistake. There is something in the tone, the inflection, the choice of words, and the volume that says, “You are being corrected; so, listen very carefully and respond, now!” This is the nature of the Lord’s words that are recorded in this Psalm. He is telling us, His misguided and wandering children, how things truly are, and He is doing this so that we can turn around and live fully in the freedom of His grace.


On view here is the very successful cattle rancher with tens of thousands of cattle grazing on a vast parcel of land; however, the size of the spread and the number of cattle is multiplied by an impossibly large number. God is reminding us that He owns it all. There is nothing that exists that we can claim clear title to, for it all came into existence and continues to be as a result of the Lord’s authority, creative force, and divine will. God calls to us to trust Him for all that we will need so that we do not ever need to hoard or hold on tightly to anything.


As we recognize God’s loving and considerate care and provision, we can take our eyes off of ourselves and our needs and wants. We are free to look outwardly and to enter into using what we have as a means of caring for others and of spreading the Gospel of Christ as we engage in the worshipful act of giving it away. No matter how much we do give or the degree of control that we relinquish, we will never exhaust God’s provident bounty. The Lord delights in giving to us, and He is overjoyed when we demonstrate our trust in Him by our joyful attitude of worship in giving.


The one who offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice glorifies Me.

Psalm 50: 23a