Keep me as the apple of your eye,

hide me in the shadow of your wings.

Psalm 17: 8


There are times when my primary need is to be taken care of, and I am not talking about days when I am physically ill with colds and the flu and such. I am talking about days when my heart is heavy, my feet are made of cement, and dread is my middle name. These are the times when strength is defined by drawing breath and where courage is counted by opening the front door and maybe looking out. These are not attractive, engaging, or pleasant times. Certainly no one wants to be around me when I am like this; that is, no one except God. I think that it must have been a day like this that prompted David to cry out to the Lord with these words.


During days of extreme uncertainty and doubt, we need a sure thing, and the one real and true sure thing in this life is the love and the protection that God has given to me. It has never failed, and it has never diminished. God looks on every one of His children, each of us, as a total delight for His eyes. Even in our worst moments and through our deepest personal crises and times of failure, He desires to be with us. When the need is greatest, God gives the most. He always gives me more than I require.


During some of these hours of trouble and distress, the thing that I need most is rest. I crave a brief opportunity to stop using my energy reserves and a chance to regain my balance. God understands this, too; so, He seems to just cover me with his arms of protection and comfort. I can stop worrying, slow down, and listen to His reassuring and reaffirming words of love and compassion. As my strength begins to be restored, the Lord always starts to share words of truth and of wisdom. He gives me the insight that I need to step back out into life and to successfully engage my struggles. There will be days when asking God for shelter is the wisest thing that we can do. There are times when we need to listen while the Lord tells us about our worth and value to Him. When we are experiencing our most challenging moments, the strongest and the bravest thing that we can do is ask God to meet these needs.


For we know that if the earthly tent which is our house is torn down, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

2 Corinthians 5: 1


Here’s a proposal for you, stop worrying about your house. Don’t fix that dripping faucet, let the door squeak, let that tax notice go unheeded, and don’t even begin to fret over your lack of ability to pay the mortgage. For you see, God has a completely comprehensive plan that covers every possible housing need or concern that you might have. However, this sort of low stress approach to life is not close to what Paul was trying to communicate to us. He also was not trying to say that we shouldn’t care about what is happening in the here and the now of life; he is not pointing solely toward a future and eternal time of dwelling in the presence of the Lord.


We do need to realize that we spend a lot of our time and focus a considerable amount of our energy on what we do, the things that we have, and our efforts to sustain them. God does call on us to care for our families and to take care of our responsibilities; in short, He wants us to be good citizens in the world where we live. Yet, it is our motives and our resultant primary focus that He challenges. The physical things that we have are gifts from the Lord as are the lives that we live, and His gifts come with a life-time care plan that the Lord continually maintains. Christ wants us to focus our primary energy on caring for the souls of the people of this world.


The Lord has entrusted us with this vital task, and He wants us to understand that our true homes are found in His presence and in the company of others who know Christ. So, there is no reason to make worrying over our houses as much of a concern as most of us do. We have a home in this world that is framed in our Father’s love, closed in by His grace, and warmed by His Spirit. The eternal dwelling place of God and His people that is this world does need our continual attention, and it cries out for us to love it and to nurture it with all of our strength, passion, and care. This is made feasible because all that we need to do it is provided by God, and when this day is done, we have a home that God has prepared for us in His everlasting presence.