For the Son of Man came to seek and to save that which was lost.

Luke 19: 10


God is always seeking. He never stops pressing on to reach into the darkened depths of the souls of people, for He claims everyone on this earth as His own. The Lord will not rest from the quest after relationship with us until we have totally closed and locked away any possible access to our hearts. Since God sees nothing but the potential that He designed into us, He continues to view us with that Father’s eye for the potential beauty within until the moment that we draw our last earthly breath.


Christ wants me to view others in this same way. He tells me to love my neighbor, to forgive wrong doing, to offer up my un-injured cheek to the person who just hit me, and to care about the eternity of others more than I care about my own security or comfort. Jesus seemed to actually enjoy the company of such flawed and coarse people as we are. He gathered the imperfect and the self-focused to His side; and He continues to delight in being in the close and intimate company of these people. People such as me and you.


Jesus came after me. He has come after you, and He wants us to join Him in the relentless pursuit of others. This world is filled with lostness and the pain that it causes. Christ provides the answers to the void that sin has carved out. People who know Him are the means that God uses to connect that empty need with His healing love. Jesus desires to walk with each of us through this day of seeking that which is lost. Christ will do the work as He gifts to us the right words and deeds for us to use for this purpose and to His glory.

This is the testimony, that God gave us eternal life, and this life is in His Son.

1 John 5: 11


When a witness is preparing to give testimony during a trial she is first required to swear that what is to be said will be the truth. When a person signs a legal document as a witness the signature is a testimony to the validity of the identities of the parties who entered into the agreement. God’s signature of witness is written across all of creation. His word is the bond that holds it all together. The Father’s seal of promise was affixed to the hearts of His first children, and it has not been broken since. God remains ever true to uphold His side of the contract. It is humanity that has fallen short and failed to uphold our side of that agreement.


Yet, even in the face of our continuous wandering, God seeks us out. He desires that every one of His people would choose to be in an unending relationship with Him. He wants us to accept the gift of His never-ending presence. This has been granted to all of us through Christ whose voice of love, grace, and acceptance also cries out with the unwavering righteousness of God. Humanity is called out of a life that is lost and decaying. Christ speaks life into our souls, and He breathes that eternal life into our daily existence. Jesus is the living testimony of the Father’s relentless pursuit of each of us.


God wants His children to accept this testimony of Christ. He also wants us to become witnesses to that new, that transformed, life that we have received in and through Christ. God does not bring us into life in order for us to quietly sit out the remaining days on earth while awaiting a future, heavenly eternity. Rather, He brings that eternity into the here and now. He grants us the fullness of His presence in our earthly lives, and Christ implores us to join Him in living as compelling witnesses to the Father’s perfect plan of salvation for all who will come to Him.