For the anxious longing of the creation waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God.

Romans 8: 19

Did you realize that everything is waiting on you? Yes, institutions, politics, music, art, your neighbor, your family, the next person that you will meet in line at the grocery store, and everyone and all of the world around you is waiting. Most of them don’t have the slightest clue that they are caught up in this form of suspension, and I also bet that you haven’t given very much thought to this long list of appointments that you need to keep, either. I know that I hadn’t begun to add them into my calendar. Yet, they are there, and the schedule was devised by God, Himself, and He set it up back in the very beginning of time.

The person who God determined would make a difference in our world is you, and me. The Lord is, of course, fully aware of the enormous gap that exists in the way that this world functions and in the one that He designed for it, and Christ is the full and the final answer to that gap. However, Christ has already done His personal first work, and, although, He will do a second and a final work, this work is something that will come at a time that only God knows. Until then, Christ has tasked His followers with the right to pursue redemption, with the responsibility to seek it, and with the power to do His redemptive will. All of creation, that is, all of the world is waiting for the healing touch that can only be found through Christ, and guess what; you and I are the ones who have been given that role and the responsibility for reaching out to touch all around with God’s love.

This is a huge responsibility and an enormous task; yet, it is also one that God wants more than anything else for us to take on. He will grant all of the grace, wisdom, and strength that any of us need to do it. In order to do this well, we need to seek to live in the center of God’s righteousness, and we need to be open to the opportunities that will come to us as we go about the business of life. There are people all around us who want to be touched by the grace of God, and we are all involved in organizations, institutions, and aspects of our society that can be moved toward redemption by our influence. Put simply, there is a world waiting today for us to reveal Christ to it. Are we up to taking on the task?  

In all wisdom and insight He made known to us the mystery of His will.

Ephesians 1: 8, 9


Most of us love a well crafted mystery with all of its plot turns and complex characters. This is the sort of story that keeps us guessing; in fact, the writers of these tales frequently work extra hard at making the real facts obscure and even at deliberately leading us to false conclusions. God’s mysteries are written with a different approach, for they are created with a very different intent, by an utterly unique writer, and with the desire that everyone will get the singular clue to its unraveling.


God has been laying the story out before us forever, and He has never been silent or tried to hide the clues to solving the mystery from us. In fact, the Lord is an author who actually goes after His audience, and He desires more than anything else to enter into a close relationship with us. Yet, the great mystery of eternity remains unsolved by vast numbers of people, and every day many see, hear, and are touched by the clues to its resolution; still, they reject the clues as false, they say that they are too busy dealing with life to take the time to think through the puzzle, or they believe that they already possess the true key to open the door of eternity.


In the end, the solution to God’s mystery is found in Christ, and there is no other way to gain access to the sort of wisdom that brings the deep secrets of the universe into a form that is comprehensible to our simple human minds. Because God knows all and understands us completely, in and through Christ He gave us the gift of His Spirit to guide us into His word and to clear away the darkness that sin placed around our hearts and minds. Then the Spirit walks with us through life to continually guide us further along the path of God’s will. However, unlike mysteries that are crafted by human writers, God wants us to spoil the ending by revealing the secret to the rest of the audience; thus, the greatest gift that we can give to others who are participating in this grand life play is not the typical respectful silence, but rather we can proclaim Jesus, the only answer that everyone needs, with every aspect of our lives.



For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Jesus Christ.

Romans 3: 23, 24


I am not God, and this is the most striking example of this fact. I am sinful. I allow, even encourage at times, my mind to dwell on all manner of things that are clearly not in alignment with God’s will for me or for anyone else. For example, I am fearful or concerned; so, I contemplate all of the worst possible outcomes. I encounter disagreement or difference of opinion, and I assert my will over others in a way that damages our relationship. There are more ways in which my disregard for God and abandonment of the truth of His Word are expressed in my sinful ways; I will just stop the listing here.


My righteousness is nothing. It is flawed, failed, and bankrupt. There is nothing holy about this person, and there is no hope, within myself, of ever reaching that place of god-like purity. So, love, peace, mercy, and grace are foreign to me. However, that is not the state of existence that God desires for His people. God pursues us and He is a relentless suitor. God presents His truth to us in ways that can speak to anyone who is willing to listen. God has come to live with us, and Jesus gifted all of us with the image of who God is, with a permanent solution to our sin caused separation from God, and with a judge who finds His own people innocent.


With Christ all is changed. In Christ, I do not need to find my own resources in order to live in a manner that is god-like in its perfection; for He is now my righteousness. This does not mean that I can think and do as I might please. In fact, the Spirit of Christ who dwells within me makes that sort of thing very difficult and painful. He continually points me toward the peace that comes from following God’s will in all of the details of life. Although the damage that my past has caused, that my sinful disobedience to God creates, and that living in this world brings about is very real; I can have unending hope. For Christ has redeemed me from it all. He is my salvation, and because of Him and as a result of His infinite grace I now live in the reality of God’s glory.