How great are your works, O LORD!

Your thoughts are very deep!

Psalm 92: 5


If I must confess, I really don’t have a hard time with God’s greatness. I readily accept the idea that God is great, but I also don’t think about it much. I can sing choruses that talk about how great God is, and I just go about living with this idea in the background of my days. However, the idea of just what that means might be something that is worth considering further. Here is God; He is both in this world and above it at the same time. Here is God; He is simultaneously within me and Creator of all. The hands that I use to craft these words are the work of His own hands, and the ideas and concepts that grant meaning to these words are something that God fashioned in order to bring about our ability to communicate with each other and with Him. God’s presence and the touch of that existence in the lives of people are remarkable beyond the capacity of these words.


The Lord rules over the entire world in a manner that grants purpose and dignity to people and that values each of us in ways that we seldom approach ourselves. He has granted life itself to us, and He gives gifts to each person so that we have capabilities beyond all human reason. God then presents to us various opportunities to use those gifts for the glory of His name, the benefit of this world, and in service to His will. It seems that we enter most fully into God’s greatness as we use the gifts that He has given to us in these ways. In serving others we do not become like God; rather, we become more and more submitted to Him and to His purposes in our world. Regardless of our skill or capability, our intellect or wit, or our strength and prowess; God is always greater than us; yet, He continually values us and our contributions to the expression of His Gospel of love, grace, and restoration.


God’s greatness is both expansive and voluminous. He is present in all and touches everything that exists in the universe. There are literally no bounds on the Lord’s presence. So, He is engaged with all that we think and do in this life, and that engagement has no beginning and will know no end. God, Himself, is the definition of eternal and frames what we can contemplate as being eternity. God cares about the souls of all people out of His greatness, and He reaches out of His glory and into our brokenness in order to save us from our chosen path of separation and death. God answers the desires of our hearts with the fulfilling truth of His unceasing wisdom, and He responds to all of our questions with the unrelenting yes of His love and mercy. As I consider it, the greatness of God fills my physical world with comprehension and perspective, it grants peace and rest to my troubled and weary heart, and it brings my soul into the glory of God’s Kingdom come!