Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me?

Hope in God; for I shall again praise Him, my salvation and my God.

Psalm 42: 11


We all experience times of expectation and waiting. There are answers that are needed and relief that is urgent; yet, our hands are empty. We live in an environment that suggests that these times of anticipation are not worthy or valuable. We are counseled by our culture to go out and to make our own outcomes. It is stated frequently that we need to envision the result that we desire and then take whatever action is necessary to make it so. Sadly, there is a deep-seated sense of futility that results from this approach to much of what really matters in life. There are times when the only thing that we can do is wait, and pray, and anticipate the coming response.


God has promised us His presence and His involvement, and He is always good on His word. We people are the ones who chose to distrust that word and to move away from His truth into the frail comfort of our own understanding and wisdom. We are the ones who said to the Lord that we don’t need Your way at this time. It is by choice that we have gone outside of the covenant protection and provision that God granted to us as our inheritance. God’s response to our stubborn and sinful disobedience was to grant us a form of grace, mercy, and reconciliation that have no limit and that is greater than any other force on earth or in the heavens. Make no mistake about it, this world is a difficult place, and it presents us with a sin-ravaged landscape to navigate through. Despite the difficulty of the journey, our souls can take comfort and find peace in the reality of God’s faithfulness.


Christ has come into this world. He walked through the same broken environment that we do. His journey was not an easy one, either. Jesus provides the answer to the expectation. He is the hope in the waiting. It is His truth and the freedom that it brings into our lives that we need to anticipate. In Christ we can find God’s promised response to our pained prayer of desperation. As we turn our eyes away from the need that we are experiencing and allow our hearts to be lifted upward in praise to God, there is a lifting that He brings to the soul. The oppression of the weight of life’s concerns becomes lighter as we release our tight grip on the burden and allow Christ to join us in carrying the load.