The precepts of the Lord are right,

rejoicing the heart;

the commandment of the Lord is pure,

enlightening the eyes.

Psalm 19: 8


It seems that most people want to be right. When this desire is based upon an interest in living well so that we treat others in a just and a caring manner, our rightness is a good thing. However, when the desire to be right is a reflection of a stubborn attitude that can’t admit to being wrong, it can be harmful to our relationships. Some of the time the difference is found in a small turn of direction in our attitudes, a subtle course change for our hearts. These times of off the path wandering can be related directly to a lack of purity in the rules of life that we are observing.


God has given people a clear and direct set of directions for living in a manner that is right. His word tells story after story in which right thinking and acting are demonstrated and where the opposite is also on display. The Lord states His directives for us, too, and His commandments are highly visible. He holds them out to us so that anyone who wants to find them can see their truths clearly. God directs us into a life of loving our neighbors and strangers, He calls upon us to be sacrificial in our relationships, and He grounds all of this with a life of focus on praise and worship directed toward God.


Yet, even with all of the truth that is stated in God’s word and the clarity with which it is spoken, we can get off course. Life just pushes and pulls at us in a manner that can lead to a loss of orientation. Additionally, there are situations and relationships that are complicated and complex so that it gets hard to sort out what constitutes right attitude and response. There is an answer to this challenge. There exists another aspect in the way that God reveals His truth to people, for Jesus Christ and the indwelling of His Spirit in His followers is the answer to the challenge of living righteously in the revelation of the pure truth of God’s commandment to love the Lord with all that we are and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

The precepts of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart;

The commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes.

Psalm 19: 8

There is a right way to live. It is a part of the way that we were created. Yet, sinful disobedience entered into our lives; so, it is often buried so deeply beneath layers of self determined personal code and law that it gets hidden and locked away. Righteousness is buried so deeply that our ensuing thoughts and the behaviors that are their result of them don’t look much like those of Christ. There is a sadness and a heaviness that runs through our culture that is the result of the prevalence of this sort of human devised interaction. Our vision is clouded, and our hearts are made heavy.

Yet, there are answers, and there is relief from this oppression. God has implanted a desire for truth in our hearts. People have a deep-seated need for that which is eternal and not situational or convenient for a season. God provides the source of eternal truth to all who seek it. God’s hand made our world, and His law binds it together. Thus, when we act in ways that are contrary to the will of the Lord, the tension and the disconnectedness that follows is nothing more than the natural outcome of acting in a manner that is contrary to the forces of true nature.

Peace, joy, and restoration are readily available through God’s plan for living. His plan is clearly defined in His Word and is communicated by His Spirit. God, the Father, leads us to His Son, Jesus Christ, and He elevates our existence into one that is lived in theKingdomofGodso that we are now dwelling in the presence of our Lord.  When we decide to listen to God’s words of salvation, renewal and hope, He provides the insight that is needed for what we are facing today. As we allow His truth into our hearts, our thinking is changed to reflect God’s loving and righteous ways, and God’s true law becomes the joy of our hearts.