The heavens declare the glory of God,

and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.

Day to day pours out speech,

and night to night reveals knowledge.

Psalm 19: 1, 2


This world is a very noisy place. Now, most of us would probably readily agree with that idea as there are machines and vehicles running everywhere, music playing constantly, and our phones are now “lit up” with prompts that inform us of incoming posts. Many people go through their days with the world’s noise shut out by the personal form of it that is running through ear buds and headphones straight into our consciousness. All of this sound might tend to drown out the voice of God as it fills us with this world’s rhythms and wordless music; but, somehow, I think that the Lord’s speech will still get through to any of us who desire to listen and that His words of righteous truth will penetrate to the depths of our souls as they go far deeper into us than the outer shell of sound that attempts to insulate us.


The wonder, majesty, and glory of God are so powerful in their beauty and so prevalent in their universal presence that it is not possible to ignore them. They fill the sky with reminders of God’s handiwork. They also demonstrate His thoughtful engagement with our world and in each of our lives with the finely tuned details of the changing of the sky from day to night and from season to season. God provides for our physical needs in the bounty of this earth, and He fills up our souls with the indwelling of His Spirit and all of the gifts that come to us through that relationship. There is nothing that we truly require that is lacking from God’s design for our world as we are given all of the love, grace, comfort, and forgiveness that we will require to sustain us through the days of our lives.


The Lord also provides us with the all of the knowledge that we will need to use in all aspects of living well in our world. It is as if the natural world is speaking out the language of truth to our hearts and into our minds. For God’s word of life so permeates His creation that it is taken in by us in things as basic and as fundamental as the air that we are breathing. The Lord envelopes His people in His knowledge of how the world operates and of what we should be thinking, saying, and doing in order to follow Him into living in an upright and a just manner throughout our days. Christ and His Spirit infuse us with the wisdom that operates out of Godly knowledge in order to process the world, its people, and our place among them and in it in a way that leads us to bring glory to Christ’s name in all that we do in life. The Lord surrounds us with His presence in order to fill us up with the knowledge of Him that leads us into wisdom that prepares us to love others with the redemptive form of love that Christ has for all of the world.

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.

Day to day pours out speech, and night to night reveals knowledge.

Psalm 19: 1, 2


On some days dawn comes as a golden glow, others as a misty shroud, some with pelting rain, and some with the promise of scorching heat; yet, each is a reflection of the infinite glory that is God’s. No matter what the day is like, regardless of whether my personal dawn comes as the sun is still obscured by the earth’s eastern curve or it comes when the sun is high overhead, looking at the sky, really looking at it and taking it in, contemplating it, always gives me a powerful sense of the splendor, the scope, and the majesty that is God. Everything that I can see is the personal craftsmanship of the Creator; everything that I can imagine beyond what my eyes take in is the same. God has made it all, and He continues to work on his painting every moment of every day. There is no detail that is not important to Him.


It is also very comforting to realize that among all of the details that He is attending to, the one that He cares about the most is me. He speaks to me in ways that are constant, consistent, and clear. It is as if nature itself resonates with God’s voice, not so much as the booming outcry of an earthquake but more as a constant hum that comes from deep inside. The Lord says, “Listen, hear, understand”. If we will open our hearts, see from the depths of our souls, quiet our overactive minds and soak in the wisdom and the knowledge that God has surrounded us with, His presence and the knowledge and wisdom that we need for the day will envelope us.


The entire created universe was designed to benefit God’s ultimate creation; for, all was given to us as a love gift from as from the bridegroom to us, His church, as Christ’s bride. He wants us to look closely at the gift, to enjoy its beauty; and to live well in it’s midst. God speaks in and through all of it. The heart of the giver shows His love to our hearts, and all that is required from us is to open the eyes of our hearts and let God’s loving gift feed our souls.