Every word of God proves true,

he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.

Proverbs 30: 5


Here is the deal, God lets us choose the manner and the way that we take to get through our days. He gives a lot of instruction, and He also provides a significant amount of high quality advice on this subject, but in the end, He still lets each of us take that council or leave it as we choose to do. Our seeming freedom and independence can get us into a lot of trouble. It also creates a maturing understanding and appreciation for just how much we do need the Lord and His ethical and moral guidance in order to get through the day in one piece and with our integrity intact. So, choice is a gift that God grants to us, but that gift can rapidly become a curse if we don’t realize that the only rational choice to make is the one in which we yield all of life and its decisions to God and follow His Word and will in everything that we think, say, and do.


Almost no one actually does this all of the time. Even the best of intentions will go off in another direction as people are easily deceived or distracted away from what is true, loving, and of the Lord. We are also stubborn and willfully focused on our own sense of what is good, enjoyable, and safe so that we doggedly determine the way that we will go without much regard for the course that God would choose for us. Yet, these times and situations wherein we travel a path that is outside of God’s desire and will can be very valuable to us, for these are opportunities for God to literally prove the value of His counsel and the life-giving worth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In this manner, all of life is something like a science lab and our attempts to get through the experiment of life on our own are the failed trials that lead the wise operator to the discovery of the ancient, tried and true way of the Lord.


Then we can take the refuge from the power of sin in our world that God promises to provide for us. We can enter into the fortress that is His word of life and shelter within the circle of His mighty shepherd’s arms. Yet, there is more to the form of security that God grants to His people, for the Lord is not a passive protector. He doesn’t just put up a force field around the place where we have settled in. Instead, the Lord is a warrior for the sake of the redemption of each person on this earth and for the restoration of all of His Creation. Although His shield is a stout and reliable defensive tool, it is also a weapon for use in the attack upon evil and on its fortresses of pain, suffering, and shame. So, as the Lord goes on the offensive in our world, He calls upon His people, that is each of us, to follow, to stay true to His Word, to make redemption our intent and Christ our battle cry.