Listen to advice and accept instruction,

that you may gain wisdom in the future.

Proverbs 19: 20


There is plenty of both advice and instruction available to people in our world. So, hearing them is not a problem. What becomes challenging can be selecting what to actually listen to, and our culture provides little to guide that process. The packaging that advice and instruction comes in is often well designed and attractive, and the people who create the content usually have powerful and compelling resumes. We can’t even be certain that a claim to being a follower of Christ or an impressive education in Christian institutions is sufficient in terms of the validity of a person’s ideas and direction.


In fact, the more complex our world becomes, the more important it is for us to check everything against the foundational advice and instruction of our faith. So, the Bible and prayerful contemplation of its content need to be the primary source for us to use in validating the words and ideas of others. As followers of Christ enter into reading and meditating on God’s Word we are not alone in this activity. The Holy Spirit joins us in the journey of discovery and enlightenment; however, the Spirit is not just traveling along with us, He is actively engaged in providing insight and clarity to the words that God has set before us. It is this process of God’s engagement with His people that makes the Word of God the living document that it is.


Thus, we can read the words and listen to the ideas of other people. In fact there is much wisdom and insight to be gained by doing this. God designed His earthly kingdom in a manner that makes involvement and engagement with the people of His body a vital part of the way that we gain Godly insight and stand in the strength of Christ as we travel through life. Still, regardless of whether the source of our advice and instruction is books, people’s spoken words, film, or music; the true author of the wisdom that is imparted must be the Lord if we are to truly gain in maturity and in grace as followers of Jesus Christ.