In everything the prudent acts with knowledge,

but a fool flaunts his folly.

Proverbs 13: 16


God’s conception of knowledge is much broader than mine. For me, knowledge can involve possession of a few facts and some analysis of them that leads to a conclusion on actions to take. My sense of knowledge does not engage relationally, and it frequently doesn’t involve the sort of prayerful contemplation that leads to a deeper understanding of God and of His will. So, when God’s Word tells me to act with knowledge if I desire to be prudent, then I need to enter into the pursuit of that knowledge in a manner and with the conviction of a person who is setting out on a holy pilgrimage.


The sort of knowledge that God has in mind can be life altering. It is established upon knowing God and upon knowing other people. Gaining this knowledge involves openness to other people’s stories about life that can be very uncomfortable to hear. It also requires me to be transparent and vulnerable in sharing both my reaction to what I am hearing and my personal struggles. This journey into knowledge requires me to be open and honest with God, too. This can be the most uncomfortable of all of the aspects of seeking after knowledge.


This is a very humbling process. The sort of knowledge that God desires for me to obtain demonstrates my sinfulness and weakness while it points clearly and directly to Christ’s redemption and the grace that has set me free from all guilt and shame. God’s knowledge cuts through discomfort and fear so that I can enter into relationship with people. It leads me to set aside difference in order to truly see others more closely to the way that God sees them. God’s form of prudence is not often safe in human terms as it leads His people into the battleground of restoration, redemption, and peace.