Then I turned my face to the Lord God, seeking Him by prayer and pleas for mercy with fasting and sackcloth and ashes.

Daniel 9: 3


We humans are a strong-willed and a stubborn lot. We truly put feet to the old expression that goes like this, “When all else fails, pray!” Personally, I do spend far too much of my time and energy in trying to figure out situations and in attempting to come up with solutions to challenges. I search my mind’s storage space for tried and true answers out of the past, and I look at endless scenarios in order to predict the probable outcomes that will result from various possible actions that I could take. This is all far more complicated than it needs to be.


The simple, unmistakable historical fact that I tend to forget in this entire problem solving frenzy of mine is that God has a very good track record of bringing about solutions to life’s real challenges and issues. He has stayed with His people through our most faithless times of wandering off, and the Lord has not abandoned us or ignored our cries for salvation and for mercy when we found ourselves caught in evil’s traps. Now, in the deep intimacy of Christ’s presence in my life, He seeks to walk through all of life with me. Christ is totally with His people. He speaks truth and righteousness into the chaos that is our world. God has invested Himself into us, and He seeks for us to invest our hearts, minds, and being into serving His will.


True solution is found in seeking God’s will. His will is made known by His voice as the Lord speaks to us through His Word and by His Spirit. This revealing is accomplished in large measure through the close and personal conversation that we call prayer. God wants to hear our urgency, our need, and our concerns. He also desires for our hearts to be humbled before Him so that they are open and yielded to His leading. The most honest and sincere times of our lives should be these times of prayerfully opening the deepest recesses of our beings to God. The place, the time, and the company do not matter. All prayer can and should be deeply intimate and personal. There is no one who knows each of us like God does, and there is no one else who will respond to us with the authority and the love that flow out of the heart of God.

The end of all things is at hand; therefore, be of sound judgment and sober spirit for the purpose of prayer.

1 Peter 4:7


The oldest promise that exists in the history of people is the one where God makes a commitment to us that the fatal disease of sin will be cured. This applies not only to the people who choose to accept Christ’s gracious act of saving sacrifice, but it is also true for this entire evil tainted world. However, in order for the blood of atonement to have its permanent effect on our world, all of the diseased elements must be destroyed. Thus, all things that we know that are in this world and of this world must soon come to an end.


This is a good thing; yet, it is a hard and a frightening prospect to consider. It is very easy to lose track of how God calls upon us to live and to wander off the course that He would have us follow. This is where seeking the sort of wisdom that leads to sound judgment comes in. The sort of deep-seated core thinking that can be relied upon in even the most challenging of times comes from the Lord. It is defined by His character. It doesn’t come naturally to us, but it is ours when we seek it through searching God’s word, by staying closely connected to His people in honest and loving relationships, and as we live in the intimacy of God’s Spirit.


Understanding, clear thinking, and righteous living are the result of surrendering our fears, concerns, anger, and distrust to Christ. We begin to gain the sort of level headed and sober approach to life that God desires for us to have when we lay all that gets in the way of living life in the fullest expression of Christ’s freedom on the altar of prayer as a love offering to our Savior. There is release from captivity in the prayer; there is strength to be found in the praying; and God’s eternally promised wisdom becomes clearer in a life where prayer is constant.


To You, O God of my fathers,

I give thanks and praise, for You have given me wisdom and might,

and have now made known to me what we asked of You,

for You have made known to us the king’s matter.

Daniel 2: 23

Daniel was in the sort of position that most of us don’t actually need to face, for he had already received a death sentence from the King of Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar was a man who had the power and the ability to make whatever he wished happen. Daniel was in need of insight and understanding in matters that were far outside of the human realm, and he needed that wisdom in a big hurry. Since he had taken the time to build a relationship with God, and he trusted his God to have any and all of the answers that each life situation required, Daniel has confidence that the outcome of this death or life situation will be a successful one.

All of us are placed into situations where our responses do have the ability to change the course of people’s lives. Some of those situations involve really small events or actions and some of them involve things which are played out on a much larger scale. Yet, there are real death defeating opportunities in every one’s life. You may not be a person who goes about seeking this sort of adventure, or it may be the very thing that gets your day started; regardless, it is a part of what living as children of God in this world is all about. Like Daniel, we all need to continually seek God’s wisdom and understanding, and we need to come to a place in our relationships with Him where we can absolutely trust the Lord to provide everything that we require to live as victors over this world.

There is no better starting point than now, and there will not be a greater opportunity to trust God with everything in your life than this one. Talk through what you are facing today, open your heart to God regarding the things that are causing concern or worry, and trust His Spirit to speak truth to your mind. If this sort of interaction with God is a well established part of your life, then continue to go deeper with Him, for no one has even scratched the surface of the depth of God’s wisdom and understanding. If this idea is new, then trust the Lord to be faithful with you as He was with Daniel and as He has been with everyone who seeks His face.