For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

Ephesians 1: 10


Sculpted, chiseled, formed, and shaped, these are the words out of various ads that talk about allowing someone to surgically recreate a person’s body image into one that more closely matches some form of ideal. This kind of work can take what is there as a result of lifestyle and nature and remake it, with little effort but with some very real financial cost, into what we desire. This always comes with the suggestion that these changes will do something profound for the quality of life that follows the surgery, and sometimes they pose the prospect of entering into an almost entirely new manner of living after these changes take hold. If we are honest, most of us find aspects of all of this attractive and the results to be desirable.


Christ also promises change for people who come to Him, and He does speak in terms of the quality and the nature of life that will follow after we accept His offer. Yet, the similarities between the procedures that God is offering and those that are performed by plastic surgeons and aestheticians stops very quickly. Christ works from the inside to the out. Although the Lord cares about our appearance, He is passionate about what goes on in our hearts and in our minds. His hands of grace and love and the redemption that flows from them reach deep into the nature of our beings and reshapes our character into one that begins to look like the righteous and loving one that God intends for all people to possess and to operate out of in all aspects of living life. Christ remakes us and He continues to refine that new being for the remainders of the life that we are granted to live out on this earth. This continual working on and within us is one of my greatest areas of wonder and joy in my relationship with Christ.


Although Christ does the transformative work in and on each of us, we are also asked and required by Him to participate in the outworking of these changes in our lives. Christ does have a purpose and a plan for the lives that God has given to us. His redemptive work is directed toward the satisfaction of those heavenly objectives during the remaining duration of each of our earthly lives. In fact, it seems to me that God has given to each of us who follow Him a duty shift for doing His bidding that has neither a starting time nor a designated end of shift hour other than that moment of our last breath. Life in Christ is a full time occupation for the Spirit as He works within us and for each of us as we live out the Gospel of Christ. We travel through our days in the presence of Christ’s Spirit, and He continually speaks truth and love into our hearts and minds. In this manner, all of the steps that we take across the expanse of our world are a part of an unending transformative journey and are strides of obedience in a continuous prayer walk.