For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth through Jesus Christ.

John 1: 17


God has always provided guidance to His people. He provided us with His moral code of conduct, His Law, at a very early stage of humanity’s existence. Even before the giving of its formal version to Moses, God set out His desires for our behavior and thought for people to follow. The Lord did not want us to lack for understanding of who He was and of how He desired that we would live. When it comes to things that matter, God is not ambiguous. He speaks with authority and out of His love for His creation.


However, the law was not the answer. We are not good at following rules, and people have always been prone to questioning and to challenging their intent and their content. Something far greater than the law was needed. As humanity had frequently tried seeking our guidance and giving our allegiance to other forms of god without achieving true mastery over living well, this new thing had to come directly from God, A moral code had also proven to be futile; so, something much greater was required in order for people to be able to overcome the spiritual and moral death that we were condemned to experience from birth.


In order to fully and truly reestablish relationship with people, God had promised Himself as the answer to our sinful state of separation. God gave to us His Son, Jesus, as this final response and solution to our need for the both moral and ethical direction and for the grace to overcome our state of rebellion. Christ pours out God’s grace upon us. He also leads us into living in the center of the eternal truth that is God’s character. In and through Christ we know God. We are immersed in His love, mercy, peace, and truth in a way that is impossible to gain without the presence of Christ in our lives. The law was true but was incomplete. Christ brings the grace of God to us so that God’s love is totally mixed with His truth in a manner that brings God’s people into an unceasingly redemptive relationship with our Creator.