It is not the will of your Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones perish.

Matthew 18: 14


If Jesus meant this with His usual sincerity, then what does He intend for us to do about making it so? Maybe we should provide financial support for the work of our local church and to missionary efforts around the world, perhaps we need to continually seek the Lord’s intervention in the lives of the people that we know who don’t truly know Him, and it may be that we should live in a manner that looks more like God’s descriptions of righteousness. I think that all of these are true statements, and I also think that all of them are more the result of what Jesus is instructing us to do than they are the actual direction that He is telling us to go.


By His own example, Jesus was a goer and a doer. He went to the place where people lived, and He entered into the real aspects of their lives. It didn’t matter whether it was at a party, on a hot and dusty road, by a sick bed or a grave, in a crowd, or in isolation; Jesus went to the place of need to meet the life needs of everyone who would listen to and trust Him. While doing that, He also fulfilled their most basic of longings by providing the means for their souls to be brought into relationship with God. Jesus prayed to the Father for guidance and direction; then, He acted upon God’s expressed will.


It seems that the primary thing that Jesus is telling me is to go and to do. Christ wants me to enter into the lives of people, and this includes all types, sorts, and descriptions of people. He wants me to get out of the safety and the security of my church, my family, the rules of proper social behavior, concern over the possible reaction of another, and everything that stops me from acting as a flesh-bearing, life-living, Christ’s love filled bearer of the good news of the Lord’s saving grace. “For the Son of Man has come to save that which was lost.” (Matthew 18: 11) As the Spirit of Christ fills us, so we are called to live our whole lives with this truth on our lips and with sharing and demonstrating its reality in our lives as our continual focus.