Therefor whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed on the housetops.

Luke 12: 3

Keeping something secret requires a lot of effort, but people are willing to put forth that amount of work when the stakes are high enough. This is the way that we are wired, and it is the manner in which we often engage in the business of life. There are aspects of our days that we just do not want people or God to know about. We all operate like this, for there are things that go on in each and every one of our minds that we would not want our mothers or our Lord to be aware of. Yet, when we look at the ways of our world with objective clarity, those moms do know most of what we are trying to keep obscured, and God is fully in the know about every thought that passes through our brains. There is no hiding the darkness of our souls or the meanness in our hearts from the One who made us and who loves each of us to the point of death and beyond.

Christ does not bring the hidden aspects of our hearts and minds into view in order to shame, humiliate, or defeat us. His desire is to have each person on earth come into a realization of our need for Him as our Savior and our Lord. Christ wants us to live in an open and a truth-filled manner so that the light of God’s wisdom, grace, justice, and peace are poured out into the darkness of the world by us as we live out our days in service to our Lord. So, the revealing that Christ does is restorative and healing in its nature. He never exposes our sin and shame in order to stand over us as superior or to bury us in the impossibility of our transgressions against His holiness. Instead, Christ brings our dark aspects into the light of His righteousness in order to touch the wounded places that are beneath them with His balm of redemption and His healing salve of grace and mercy.

We can live out our days in fear of Christ’s promise of revelation. This approach to life requires constant effort and extraordinary vigilance to maintain the concealment, and a remarkable amount of energy is consumed in just attempting to hold in place the façade of wholeness and the appearance of holiness that we have fabricated for the world to see. The alternative to continuing to live with all of our deep selves hidden from sight but impacting what we think, say, and do is to yield it all to Christ. In doing this we are called upon by our Lord to repent of all that we have been holding onto, for this process of grasping tightly to the darkest aspects of our beings reflects the ways that we have not entered fully into trusting Christ. As we repent of that which we have been attempting to conceal, God asks us to grant the Spirit access to the recesses of our inner being so that His grace can enter into those caverns of pain and begin to transform their hard edges into the polished marble that forms the chambers of a redeemed heart. So, Christ’s revelation may be painful and even fearful for us to consider, but stepping out in faith into its light brings relief from pain and peace to the heart.