Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord!

Psalm 150: 6


With a body that is overcome by pain, praise the Lord. With cheeks stained by tears, praise the Lord. In the middle of loss and soul searing grief, praise the Lord. Every phase and each aspect of life shows me the praise worthy nature of God. There is nothing that comes along that does not point to His love, grace, compassion, might, and glory. In fact, as I gain in my knowledge of Christ through the way that He engages in life with me and with people that I know during these challenging times, I more fully understand the many ways that the Lord’s hands are involved with shaping my life for my benefit.


In response to Christ’s great love for me, I desire to make even the most basic elements of my day into festivals of praise for my Lord. I can use my words, and I can choose to express my thanksgivings in the sorts of songs that have filled the hearts of God’s children throughout the ages. However, it is even more striking to others and more pleasing to God when I think of all people with kindness, acceptance, and concern. Also, the Lord is delighted when I turn these thoughts into acts of humble submission to His will and to His purpose by tangibly loving others.


In times of triumph and joy, I can praise the Lord, and in times of defeat and bitterness, I can continue to praise the Lord. His gifts are beyond counting, and His love is complete and never ceasing. Praise is a life that is lived in honest expression of grief and of glee, for Christ goes with us in and through all that we experience and feel. Praise is expressed in trusting my Lord to take me through every experience in life with His loving arms holding me up and giving my soul security. Praise is the love song that my heart sings in response to the eternal love that Christ has pledged to me.