The next day John the Baptist saw Jesus coming to him, and said, “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!”

John 1: 29


Oh, to look upon Jesus with this passion, to see Him as the answer for all that has gone wrong with my life and for everything that I have done, am about to do, and will ever contemplate doing that is contrary to God’s will. The picture that I have of the scene from this verse is of Jesus walking along a road that is very much like my path through the day. He is walking toward the place where I am living and toward the way that I am living, too. Christ comes to us. He is not passively waiting and watching, and the Spirit of Christ is very active in our world, for He does not want anyone to fail to receive the opportunity to know Him. God has promised that He never leaves any of us alone.


Jesus came to set every person free from the oppressive hold that evil has on our hearts; He came to grant the freedom that we need to be close to God, the Father, forever, and He came to release us from the imprisonment of our daily fears, doubts, and shame. The entire burden of our hurtful and damaging actions, thoughts, and intent is carried off of our souls by Christ. This is freedom of the truest sort. This is the one sure form of restoration that exists in this life. In Jesus we can find a peace that soaks through the hardened shell of living to the center of our beings.


We can to be like John the Baptist, recognizing Jesus for who He is and accepting the blessing of what that means. Here is a lamb, but not any ordinary one. For here He is, the lamb whose sacrifice changes everything, and beholding Him, we are made totally new. So, as we experience life with Christ, we should want to share this truth with our world, and we can share it with John’s passionate joy, for here with me, always walking along my life-path, is my Lord and my Savior, Jesus.