Praise the Lord, for the Lord is good;

sing to His name, for it is pleasant.

Psalm 135: 3


This probably comes as no great shock to most of you, but this statement is not true for many people. They do not find the name of God to be pleasant, or even that it is mildly agreeable. The problem for them, in the totality of life, is that the same God that they find to be so unattractive is the one, the only and the final judge of their eternities. He is also greatly saddened by their rejection. God is not trying to win a popularity contest. Rather, He is seeking to restore all people to relationship with Him, and in so doing, the Lord brings about healing and peace in our world.


Thus, God desires that those of us who do recognize Him for who He truly is to express the truth about our own relationships with God in terms that are clear, in the open, and heard by the multitudes. For me to do this I need to start close to home. My heart and mind require that I stop just going about life and that I take time to look closely at the life that God has gifted to me. Then the Lord leads me to see my family, my friends, His presence throughout the days of my life, and Christ’s relentless and sacrificial love for me. As I meditate on God and His Word, the Spirit also brings to view God’s plan and purpose for the life that He has given to me. In all of this there are more than enough words to form the lyrics of my heart’s songs.


However, God doesn’t want me to stop with the words in my head. He tells me to let them out, to sing them along the roads of my day, and to make them the chorus that creates a cadence to keep my feet marching as I travel through life. Although God tells us that He is blessed by our words of love and praise for Him, this is not the primary reason that He wants us to do this in the open singing. It seems that the more I am honestly open about who God is to me, the more of myself I surrender to His will and yield to His righteousness. Then, as my life is changed by God’s hand to reflect more of Christ’s love, grace, and true peace; the words of this song, as reflection of the way that Christ is demonstrated by my life, expose this pleasant image of God to a world that needs His goodness and peace.