Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord!

Psalm 150: 6


The very last stanza of the Psalms says it all. In fact it is rendered in an even simpler form in the Hebrew bible as those translators have often chosen to state the single original text word that forms the second line as “Hallelujah”. Whichever way you say it, the intent and the meaning are unchanged. All of creation owes honor, respect, glory, and praise to God. This is true because all of creation is the handiwork of the Creator, God Almighty.


God is greatly pleased when people live their lives in a manner that is itself a song of praise to Him. When we choose to serve others and to love those who are hard to embrace, we are bringing honor to God who cherishes everyone. As we care for our world and preserve and protect its resources, we are singing a chorus of praise to our Lord. At times we are called upon to risk all in order to stand for what is right and that which is righteous. In these times we are living a life that is itself a psalm of praise to Christ.


Today is a day of thanksgiving and praise. This is a moment when all breath can be used to sing out a joyous chorus in honor of God. The life that we live is a gift from Him to us. Every step that we take lands on the holy ground of God’s creation. So, let’s make every moment of this day one that lifts up a great Hallelujah to God!