And the Lord said to Paul one night in a vision, “Do not be afraid any longer but go on speaking and do not be silent; for I am with you, and no one will attack you to harm you, for I have many in this city who are my people.”

Acts 18: 9, 10

There are many factors that cause us to get soft in our zeal for being openly and overtly Christian. These can hit us at almost any time during our journey through life. They take the form of concerns about the feelings of others, fear for our own acceptance, and struggles with how others will treat us. In some situations and in some places in the world the concerns and fears also focus on personal safety. All of these were on the table for Paul as he traveled about his world teaching about Jesus, and this is why Jesus came to him in a dream and shared this thought with him. You see, even the great teacher and writer of the truth of God’s word, himself, was fully human and shared the same sorts of doubts and fears that we all do.

Christ wants us all to grab hold of the fact that He is actively involved in protecting us from all of the real harm that concerns us. The Lord owns this world, and He is the One who is sending us into it to serve Him. Instead of fearing what is in the shadows, we are to be the ones who bring the light of God’s truth there. Rather than back away from hostility, we are to share the love of Christ with people whose spirits are troubled. When there are voices telling us to be silent and to hold our tongues regarding our faith and trust in Christ, the Lord, Himself, says to check on the real source of those words and to continue to speak boldly and clearly for His name’s sake.

There will be attacks, for there is an enemy, and evil does not like to lose its grip on the people that it uses for its purposes. There is also a God who is infinitely greater than all of the forces that Satan can bring to bear in his cause. Remember that Satan is the creature while God is the Creator. Also, this fight is already won, for Christ has claimed the total victory. It is the calling, the mission, and the purpose of everyone who has joined Jesus in that victory to live as if we understand and fully accept it so that we are not silenced by any personal concerns or doubts. Be brave, be bold, and be fearless in speaking the love and the truth of Jesus as you walk through your day, for nothing can truly harm you.

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

John 14: 6


First off, today’s passage is not an example of a case of forgetfulness, for I am being deliberately repetitive in the use of this verse. I also plan to come back to it again tomorrow. It just seems to me that Jesus had a lot to say in just a few words here when he responded to Thomas’ concern and quizzical question about knowing how to find Jesus after the Lord had left them. We live in a world wherein Jesus has physically left us; yet, just as it was for Thomas, and for Peter, and for the rest of those who had been following Him on earth, Christ does not leave us alone and without the resources that we need to live as His disciples and to follow Him through life and into eternity. Jesus’ way takes us into the uncomfortable world of true truth. He guides, directs, counsels, and forces us into facing the lies and the deceptions that we have come to believe and even to embrace as our own as the Spirit makes God’s Word vital, living, and present in our hearts and upon our minds. We have the answer to Pilot’s, “What is truth?” and to Giuliani’s, “Truth isn’t truth” statements, for truth is real, and it belongs to God.


This world was not created to be a place where ambivalence reigns. Its atmosphere was not filled with a grey cloud of deceit, and its inhabitants were given clear direction and absolute guidance for living well in the close company of each other and with our Lord. Yet, our ancestors desired to shape their reality as they chose to do so, and they attempted to redefine the parameters that God had set forth for life. This attempt at becoming lord over their own kingdoms by grasping after God’s authority for themselves was disastrous for them, and it remains so to this day. God did not choose to leave us in a state where we were on our own to figure out life. He remained with His creation throughout these long centuries of attempting to live out our days in peace and with prosperity. We people tend to do more harm than good in this process, but God remains faithful to caring for us and to providing the wisdom that we need, should we decide to seek and to use it.


However, the Father did much more than this. He gave us His Son as the answer to our futile searching after what is real, what is enduring, and what is truth. Christ embodies all that is loving, gracious, righteous, and just in the universe. He brought the presence of God tangibly into this world, and his Spirit remains with and within us to do the same today. The truth that is Jesus has no room within it for hatred and for violence. It seeks to replace these negative and highly destructive forces with the greater power of love, understanding, and reconciliation. Christ shows us that all life is sacred and that each of us matters to God in such a deeply held manner that there should be no questions asked regarding the value of any person in any circumstance. Truth as Christ demonstrates it does not countenance deceit or deception, it has no room for oppression and for the many forms of slavery that it spawns. God’s truth seeks to elevate others and to lead its followers into service to our Lord and so into service to the needs of those who are most needy in our world. Truth breathes life into the dead air of this world as it guides us to the mercy seat of Christ.

The eternal God is your dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms.

And He thrust out the enemy before you and said, “Destroy!”

Deuteronomy 33: 27


Personally, I am very uncomfortable, even disturbed, by the idea of destroying an enemy. So are most people who I know. In our world this is the sort of thing that gets handled in video games, but it is not what we are supposed to do in real life. On those occasions when it does happen, headlines scream about the brutality, and the violence of our world is called into question. Yet, there are enemies in our times, and they pose an enormous threat to our peace and well-being and to people’s eternal souls.


When Moses wrote these words, it was quite clear that he was speaking about the various groups, tribes, and nations that stood in the way of Israel’s dwelling in Canaan. However, the real issue wasn’t the groups of people that opposed them; the challenge that the Israelites faced was the one of remaining true to God’s will, to His expressed desire for them and to living righteously. They were continually drawn away from God by the satanic promise of a better way and a higher knowledge. The Israelites readily turned toward a seemingly easy truth that was defined in the eyes of people. The true destruction that needed to take place involved the utter cleansing of their world so that no scrap or crumb of evil would remain to entice and to entrap them. Yet, this was very hard to do, and they did not choose to follow through.


We are still faced with this same challenge today. God provides us with a place of dwelling that is currently situated in a very troubled world. For it seems that the actual dwelling that God is providing is the refuge of His constant care and absolute protection for our souls. His arms of grace, mercy, strength, and blessing do completely enfold His people. Still, we do have a part to play in fulfilling God’s plan and in living within our calling. We cannot wait and watch from the imagined safety of our sanctuary and silently allow evil to reign in our world. When there is wrong afoot, we must step in to protect the weak. As anti-God attempts to control our land and rule its people, Christ demands that His followers respond. Each of us is called to examine and to purify our hearts, and we are led by Christ to walk in the dangerous way of God’s truth. When we are face to face with evil, God orders us to use His weapons of grace, love, protection for the weak, and truth, and so, “Destroy!” the effect and the grasp of evil on those around us.

O LORD, you are my God;

I will exalt you; I will praise your name,

for you have done wonderful things,

plans formed of old, faithful and true.

Isaiah 25: 1


There are days when the prophet’s idea gets lost in all of the noise and the confusion of life. I admit that I do forget, if only for a few heartbeats, that I serve the true King, who is fully engaged and absolutely in charge of the world where I dwell. There is nothing that is beneath my Lord’s dignity to touch, and no aspect of my life is so insignificant that God does not care about it and for me through it. This is the nature of God. He loves His creation in ways that make the love of the best of fathers seem distant and neglectful. The Lord not only says that He would die for us, He literally suffered awfully and took on death in its fullest expression so that we would not need to endure its ultimate end. This is the sort of God that I do know, and this is the God who is Lord over my life in all ways and at all times.


One of the most remarkable things to me about this relationship with God is the fact that it was not of my devising or creation just as it was not the creation of any other person. God planned to remain close to people, and He devised the means for that to happen. He did all of this from the beginning of the existence of this world, and He did it with nothing except love as His motive. God loves this world that is the creative work of His hands with such passion and devotion that He gave Himself, in the form of the Son, over to all that is evil in this world and then He defeated evil and took its power over life and death away from it forever. In so doing, we were set free from the living prison that is sin, and we were sent into life with the capability and the capacity to engage our days with that same love as our motivation and with the wisdom of eternity as our guidance for the journey.


This is the nature of the plan that the Lord formed for the benefit of His people and for the salvation of His creation. His plan is truth embodied, and the Lord’s expressed will to carry it out is founded upon His faithful desire to reconcile all that is distanced or separated, all that is broken, in creation. This deep and unshakeable love, a love that the Lord pours out on me continually, is something that I should never stop remembering and recognizing in my mind and in my heart. It is the true song of my heart, and God’s love for me is the solid ground that my feet can count upon even when all else seems to be crumbling away and failing to support me. This is a love that demands righteousness of me when I would rather take an easier path through my day, for Christ does grant to me the freedom to be holy and set apart from the ways of this world in order for me to live in the full expression of God’s truth, grace, and mercy. So Lord, I desire to praise You with my words and to lift You up for all of the world to see in the way that I live my life today!

Christ said, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witness in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth,”

Acts 1: 8


These are the last recorded words of Jesus that were spoken in the days after His crucifixion and resurrection. He was delivering those final instructions, what we might call marching orders, to His closest followers. These men and women would be charged with the task of going head to head with the world where they lived and with bringing God’s truth to people who were being deluded and deceived by most of the leaders of their governmental and their religious institutions. This was a dangerous task. It would be a thankless one, too. Almost all of them would be killed for their efforts. Yet, we can thank them with our eternal lives, and we can seek to follow along the trail that they blazed as well.


As I think this thought and now write it, it seems rather silly to say, but God is very wise. He knew that we humans would need more than just His written word and more than the testimony of our ancestors to follow and to serve as guidance for living righteously. In Jesus we had God’s presence in totally tangible form. God was with us in a way that was understandable and that was completely visible to the world. As Jesus left this world physically, God planned to leave the Holy Spirit with us. But He didn’t just leave the Spirit as a presence, instead God purposefully entered into us. In a way that is mysterious and miraculous, God, Himself, becomes one with our human existence. In Christ, we mere humans are infused with the personal presence of the Most High. We are granted the ability to begin to see our world through Divine eyes, and we are given understanding and wisdom that comes from their author.


God has invested His life in us. Christ’s care, concern, agony, and His very real blood have been spread over our sinful lives so that we would no longer be left searching for life. The question that this brings to mind for me is the one about what do I do with this gift that God has graciously granted to me? I have life, and I have God’s Spirit, God Himself, in residence within me. According to Christ I now have all the power that I need to follow Him absolutely. There is no force of this world or from beyond it that can stand against me. Nothing can take me away from my Lord, and He promises to reveal all of His will for my life to me as it is needed. All that Christ asks of me is that I surrender my life to Him and that I have faith in God’s plan to the degree that I will trust His guidance and live within His provision each moment of every day. This is not easy to do, but, again, I have the power in the Holy Spirit. So, this would be a good day to proclaim the truth about who God is and of the salvation that comes through belief in Jesus, the Christ. Today would be a very good time to live as a sworn witness to the Living King.


As for the matter of wisdom and understanding about which the king inquired of them, he found them ten times better than all the magicians and enchanters who were in all his kingdom.

Daniel 1: 20


This is the account of a period of testing in which Daniel and the other three Hebrew youth with him were placed under close scrutiny by Nebuchadnezzar and his appointed officials. The testing was to determine just how much responsibility could be reliably placed upon these foreigner’s shoulders. Daniel and his friends made it clear from the outset that they were followers of the God of Israel and that they would do and say nothing that was contrary to the Lord’s will. This was not an easy path for them to follow in that they were living as slaves in a land where the king had absolute authority and power, and this king, Nebuchadnezzar, was a devoted follower of his land’s collection of gods and god-like images.


Now these Babylonians did not have it all wrong, for they recognized that understanding and wisdom in their complex and often perplexing world needed to come from sources beyond human capacity. They also recognized that some people were more gifted and better equipped in certain ways that were others. Thus, Daniel was tested in order to see if he was capable of providing the sort of wise counsel that could only come out of a person who had been granted this sort of heavenly wisdom and understanding. The standard of measure was the level of such gifts that the court’s own appointed and trained practitioners and workers of magical spells and incantations could issue forth; thus, they were held to a standard that could be called “The wisdom of the world.” The text tells the story. When Daniel and the others were consulted, they consistently spoke in terms that were honest, accurate, and authoritative to a degree that made the court’s own prophets seem weak, feeble, and incapable by comparison.


The magnitude of excellence that was exhibited by Daniel and the others was not really the point; rather, what mattered was the great difference in providing clear guidance and direction for life that came out of these people who were seeking out God and who were following the life-giving direction of His Word. What they said was true and that brought people into ways of thinking and of living that actually worked out for the betterment of their world. This is a great story of the way that God equipped these special men in this far away place to reveal His presence in their world by virtue of His equipping of them to be voices for righteousness in their culture. This is also an example of the way that God still speaks through people who believe in Him and who are willing to follow and to act upon what He says today. God’s wisdom continues to be real, valid, and powerfully present in our world. He still speaks through those of us who are committed to following Him, and the wisdom of the Lord remains such that it is ten times or more greater than all that our world and its practitioners of magic truths can summon forth.


Consider what I say, for the Lord will give you understanding in everything.

2 Timothy 2: 7


By this point in his time of service to God, Paul had every right to expect that people would listen to what he had to say. He knew that he had been called and commissioned by God to speak and to write about the relationship that the Lord wanted to have with all people. Also, Paul was aware of the special training and the extraordinary knowledge that Christ had entrusted in him, and he had committed his life to bringing that knowledge to others. Still, Paul knew that his words were never going to be enough, and he was fully aware that the deepest thinking, the clearest writing, and the most persuasive speaking were not going to work on their own or even together to win souls out of darkness.


The totality of what people do is nothing more than futility if God is not behind it. In fact, when people use their minds and seek to develop a new truth about God that is not founded in complete, humble submission to the Lord’s will and surrounded by worship of Him, they tend to start deviating from the truth. They create false religions that only serve the purposes of evil. However, the thoughts and the words of people who are seeking after God’s truth are good and worthy. Even then, they gain their deepest meaning and their true application through the special revelation that the Spirit of Christ gives to His people. The Lord validates and He vitalizes the words that He has inspired in others.


So, Paul calls upon us to consider the words that he wrote. I think that he wanted us to do more than just read them. Paul knew that on their own even his most profound thoughts were nothing more than shadows of the truths that God wants us to enjoy. The Lord wants us to take His word into our minds through our eyes and our ears; then, He wants us to grant His Word the opportunity to stay there, for most of us need to slow down, to breathe deeply, and to give the Spirit time to make the deep truths a part of our essential being. We also need to take the Word with us into the day so that it can shape the way that we respond to everything that comes our way. Then, we will have a greater ability to see others as Christ sees them, and they will be granted the blessing of the living presence of the author of that Word in their day.