And I sought for a man among them who should build up the wall and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it, but I found none.

Ezekiel 22: 30


God has really simple desires. He doesn’t need much, and He seldom leaves us guessing about what He wants. Still, the things that He asks us for can be the hardest things for us to give. Yet, when we do give the Lord what He seeks, the impact on our world is profound. Ezekiel presents us with a very Old Testament sounding proposition that actually is as current as today’s sunrise, for what else does God seek but people who will listen to His voice and respond to what He says. Does the Lord need anything from me? The answer to that question is a simple no. However, the Lord does desire my heart, my openness to His Word, my response to the Spirit’s leading, and my willingness to serve Him. How much more direct could He be?


So, let’s suppose that I accept that these words that were written about 2,700 years ago are more than a history lesson and that they have an application to my world. Now consider that my city doesn’t have a wall around it and that there are no marauding armies camped outside its perimeter. Then, I need to reach a conclusion about what it is that God wants from me.


Here’s what I see, God has very little concern or regard for our cities as such. He isn’t interested in preserving our culture or my way of life. The Lord has always been concerned with and has invested Himself totally in people, and there are armies of evil camped out around everyone in this world. Christ calls to us and the Spirit of Christ directs each of His children to stand between those forces and the souls of the people that He loves dearly. God created, equips, empowers, and directs each of us to fill our world with His love, compassion, grace, and truth. Christ wants us to join Him in a continual battle for the salvation of people and for the restoration of righteousness. Thus, through our willingness to serve our Lord, the only thing that truly matters, the souls of His beloved people, will be preserved.