Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.

Hebrews 10: 23


Our world is filled with greased ropes. Some are vertical and others are horizontal, but the effect upon life is much the same. We are in a position where we need be able to trust in something to help us get out of the hole or away from the beast. As we search about for that means of escape, our eyes come upon a climbing rope, a stout dangling vine, or that convenient swinging bridge that always seemed to be there for Indiana Jones at the appropriate time of need. But in my view of this scene, the rope is always coated with slippery grease, the vine is thorny, or the bridge is weak and failing. The sure escape suddenly becomes a fatal trap. The object of my faith proves to be untrustworthy; so, my escape is now an illusion.


Of course, this is fantasy, the stuff of dreams and of children’s play. Still, there is much of life that operates in the general arena of the action-adventure film. This place where we live is a harsh landscape with many wild and dangerous creatures roaming about in it. In order to live confidently and with the sort of boldness that Christ calls us to possess, we must have faith in something that is greater than ourselves or than those opposing forces that we do encounter. I believe that this someone is Christ, and the something is God’s Word. From a point in existence that is before there was time, God has provided the promise of His unshakable love for His Creation. He has been present for all of our times of struggle, through the danger, and in our periods of doubt and rebellion. Our thoughts and actions can be painful to God, but they do not ever cause Him to abandon us.


In light of God’s faithfulness, why should I look anywhere else for answers to life’s challenges? He provides me with truth that is unshakable when my ears are being filled with the polished language of deception. Christ lights my path and leads me out of the twilight of doubt and ambiguity that is at the center of the modern world’s moral dilemma. My Lord calls me to engage with a community of faith where I will find people who are listening to the same voice of truth and who desire to follow the same Master above all others. God, Himself, is defined by faithfulness. He will take us as far and as high in our pursuit of His righteousness as we are willing to go. Christ gave all for me, for you, for all of humanity, and for all of Creation. We can trust Him absolutely. Our confession of faith in Jesus, the Christ, will never be in vain.


The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart (that is, the word of faith that we proclaim); because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

Romans 10: 8, 9


God’s word is His essential truth, essence, and being. It is the simple and direct reality of who and what He is, and the complete statement of how He interacts with and relates to me, surrounds me and infuses my heart. God has made Himself totally accessible, and He has no off hours, holidays, or situations that are not covered. When I consider nearness as it relates to the Lord, He is as close as the molecules that make up my blood. Yet, when the nurse draws a blood sample, it looks like any other, there is no strange glow to it; and when the lab results return, there are no foreign bodies present, no mysterious structures or organisms. You see, God’s presence in me is not foreign. This is how I was created to be. This intimate and close relationship with God is what was lost when our original ancestors decided to defy God and went off on their own without Him. The influence of evil is what contributes the soul-sickening foreign bodies to us.


The process of becoming healthy is relatively simple. It requires us to accept the fact that we need a healing relationship with Christ. That relationship is achieved through accepting the fact that Jesus has the right, authority, and the loving desire to direct our lives; and it is made real through believing in the totality of His sacrifice for everyone. Then the process of healing begins. Christ starts to filter out the hurtful urges, the selfish desires, and the other contaminants that have poisoned our hearts.


Being saved from separation from God happens in a moment but being restored from the damage that was done when we were separated continues for the balance of our earthly life. As we grow closer to God and as we get to know Him better, we are made stronger and the health of our spirits is continually improved. When I use the faith that is needed to openly and continually express to others the wonder, joy, and absolute love that is the essence of my relationship with Christ, I grow continually closer to Him, and the good effects of the healing that He is doing in my heart grow ever greater.