Him (Christ) we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ.

Colossians 1: 28


Paul makes a very widely inclusive statement here. In the body of Christ there are no greater and lesser people, no more and less worthy, no important and insignificant members. All are in need of both warning and teaching. All of us are also capable and qualified to be the voice of the truths that God has imparted to us. Everyone who is in Christ has His Spirit within, and the Spirit provides wisdom and insight and speaks the eternal truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ to our hearts and minds. All of this has both a goal and a purpose that are integral to God’s plan for the redemption of creation.


God works through people as He engages in relationship with us. That is a part of why He has granted to us the gifts of His Word and of the presence of His Spirit. God’s Word informs and instructs, it convicts and it encourages, and it leads us into a deeper relationship with the Lord as He speaks to us through it. The Holy Spirit is at the center of all of God’s revelation and is the agent who works the transformation that comes about as we mature in Christ. In all of this God calls His people into active engagement with our world and with other people in particular. Our faith is to be lived out in public and with real transparency.


As Christ leads, so we must follow. This includes being honest and real within our fellowships of believers. We all struggle, and everyone exists in a status that is far short of full maturity in Christ. We each lack wisdom, fail to love well, and falter in our faith and trust. On the other hand, Christ does answer our weakness with His strength, and He often does so through the love, concern, and words of correction and of encouragement that come from others in the body of Christ. Each of us has the privilege and the responsibility of entering into the lives of others for the sake of allowing Christ to grow them up toward maturity. In the process of doing this, the Lord also works within us to grow us toward the same goal.