For the word of the LORD is upright,

and all his work is done in faithfulness.

Psalm 33: 4


There are times when I want to get out of the place where my mind is dwelling and move to a region where it is being influenced by a better quality of input and stimulus. In other words, I would like for my thoughts to be in a higher place; yet, wishing to do so does not always accomplish the wished and even the hoped for outcome. Sometimes my head seems to get stuck where it has gone and no amount of effort can pull it free from the troubled, doubting, or fearful images that fill it and that inevitably take my heart down too. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to open the door to this darker place, and the steps leading down into its cellar of distress are easier to follow in than they are to ascend out of it.


It seems that God is more than a little aware of this reality in people. He makes the means of escape readily available to us, and He marks the route out with the bright light of His presence. The Lord has surrounded us with tangible indications of who He is and of how He acts. This is true in the beauty of nature and in the warmth of human embrace. The Lord is visible in the love that we give and in the nurture of its receipt. Through Christ we are granted a grace that overcomes all of our crimes against God, and by His unfailing word we receive a mercy that we never can earn and that remains effective for all of eternity. There is no boundary and no end to the ways that Christ works in our lives to bring each of us into the fullest aspects of God’s grace, love, and peace.


The steps to the ladder that leads out of the dark places of discouragement and even the deeper gloom of despair are found in God’s Word. Even when I might have only the strength to look upon a few of its words, the mighty presence of the Lord seems to pour out of the page and into my spirit. The simple and eternal truth that flows from God’s heart of deep love touches the painful places in my heart and His soothing and healing hands bring the reality of forgiveness and my new life in Christ to the front of my awareness. It is not always easy to accept the truth of God’s Word as my own, but His faithfulness to me and the testimony of the thousands who have traveled these same steps before me compel me forward into the upwardly leading light of God’s will and way for this day in my life.