The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; a good understanding have all those who do His commandments; His praise endures forever.

Psalm 111: 10


This verse from Psalm 111 starts off with one of the most repeated expressions of faith that is found in the Old Testament; it means that it is essential to have a level of respect, reverence, and awe for God. This is an attitude that recognizes the Lord as the foundation, the creative initiator, of all that stands up over time as wise in this universe. We can not hope to think, believe, and act wisely if we do not begin to look toward God as the one who brings true wisdom into clear view and focus.


The Lord wants us to model after His approach to acting on this wisdom; for, He is never still, silent, or absent; God is continually engaged with His Creation, and He is especially involved with His people. Likewise, God wants us to seek wisdom; then, He wants us to use it. I believe that the concept of commandments as expressed here is much broader than any formalized list. It seems to me that everything that the Lord has told us about living in His Word, through His Spirit, and by the gathered understanding that is developed by His body equates to God’s commandments.  We are to be people who seek to act wisely from God’s point of view, and we are to be people who demonstrate His wisdom in this world through the way that we fearlessly love others.


People who know the Lord intimately and follow Him passionately bring great joy to God’s heart, for they bring Him into daily contact with multitudes of others, and they are tangible sources of the sort of loving wisdom that everyone needs in order to live in peace and with real joy. This is an important part of the process that God uses to be bring about the redemption of the lost in our world. The greatest form of worship that we can give to God is expressed by lives that are lived in a state of actively seeking His wisdom in and for all things. We enter in sincere worship and express true praise to the Lord when we take that wisdom and make it the foundation of the way that we engage with and treat others just as Jesus commanded us to do.