As for man, his days are like grass;

   he flourishes like a flower of the field,

for the wind passes over it, and it is gone,

   and its place knows it no more.

But the steadfast love of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting on

               those who fear him,

   and his righteousness to children’s children,

to those who keep his covenant

   and remember to do his commandments.

Psalm 103: 15-18

Everyone wants to leave a legacy. We desire that there would be something left behind when we leave this life that people will look upon and see a reflection of our importance in the world. These life-defining accomplishments may be grand or powerful, and they might also be rather miniscule when viewed from the extremely high vantage point that God possesses. Regardless of what it is that we provide to our heirs or to our world by way of inheritance, they all have one thing in common, and this is the same commonality that all people are granted in the course of working out our lives. Our time here is temporary, for each of our lives will cease at the end of our allotted days, and the work of our hands will pass into history and gather its rightful dust as the produce of our hands becomes obsolete, is replaced by something more functional or useful, and as even the financial wealth that we accumulated and bequeathed is used up or its source is no longer known personally by its beneficiaries.

An enduring place in this world is something that only God actually possesses. He is the creator of it all, and it is by His hand alone that everything functional on earth and in heaven is set into motion and sustained in its trajectory. We may live lives that are glorious and provide various forms of beauty just as do the flowers of our fields and gardens. Yet, all that we bring to this world will end and our beautiful place will be nothing more than a fast fading memory. The Lord’s place in the world is an eternal one in which He provides the concept of what is beautiful to the canvas that is His masterwork. While the flower was a temporary resident in the soil of its planting, the Lord’s love, grace, truth, and life are an unceasing component of that same soil. All that is vibrant, everything that provides value and gives nourishment to our bodies, minds, and spirits is derived from God’s outpouring of Himself into the environment around us and into us as we feed upon His word of truth and life.

For you see, God actually wants each of us to leave behind a true and an enduring legacy. He grants us His infinite grace and unending mercy so that we have the opportunity to overcome our failures and our losses while claiming a place of honor and respect in this life and into the days to come after our bodies have left the earth. This real and enduring heritage is formed out of love given, grace extended to others, mercy granted, and righteousness lived out to the best of our ability to do so. The best way for each of us to be remembered is through the lives of others that have been touched by the presence of Christ because we cared for them and entered into traveling through a portion of life with them. In the end of these days, a desirable eulogy would not mention wealth gained and passed on, power obtained and brokered, or monuments of stone and steel constructed; rather, those final words become lasting ones when they describe a life that has been committed to serving God, wherein its memorial stone is carved in lives brought into relationship with Christ, and by which the desire to seek after righteousness and holiness are passed on to future generations.