For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many are one body, so it is with Christ. For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body – Jews or Greeks, slaves or free – and all were made to drink of one Spirit.

1 Corinthians 12: 12, 13


The diversity that is found in humanity is a good thing. It is a part of what makes this world interesting as it helps to create the flavor and the spice that enlivens life. We come from many different backgrounds. The languages that we speak have a variety that is incomprehensible to most of us. Even in our own communities and in our own families we find strikingly large differences in what we look like, how we think, and in our ways of handling life. Humanity is like one of those great canvases on which the artist Jackson Pollock scattered his wildly imaginative swirls, globs, and splashes of paint. Sometimes our imaginations are engaged and we are opened up to new ideas and our minds create wonderful vistas out of the color and shapes. Then there are times when it all seems confusing, chaotic, and disturbing and fueled by our discomfort we can react very negatively.


It seems to me that God did not originally intend for all of this discord to exist. He made people in His image so that we possessed a singular focus for our hearts and our minds. God desired for all of us to live in a state of constant relationship with Him and in loving and peaceful relationships with each other. I don’t think that His heart and mind have changed in regards to this desire. God’s primary desire for His creation is that we would be reconciled to Him. It is through this reconciliation to our Creator that we will also become free to love and to care for and about each other in a manner that is similar to the way that God does it. Jesus Christ is the singular way to this reconciliation with God, and He is the answer to everything that is broken in our world. All restoration needs to be founded upon Christ, and all hope for peace comes from and through Him.


The common bond that all of humanity can hope for is found through Christ’s Spirit. When we open our hearts to His presence and surrender our wills to His leading, we are transformed. The baptism that His Spirit grants to us washes away the fear and the self-centered desires that work to separate people from each other. In Christ we are made into something that is very different from what we were before. God’s will is that we would begin to see the world around us and all of its inhabitants in the light of His grace and love. As we gather around Christ’s cup of blessing, we can not afford to be concerned about the race, social status, or nationality of the other lips that are touching it. We are literally one in Christ, and when we war against another partaker of Christ we are at war with ourselves and stand in opposition to God’s expressed will.