For Jesus has been counted as worthy of more glory than Moses — as much more glory as a builder of a house has more honor than the house itself.

Hebrews 3: 3

This concept of the relationship between builder and the house that was constructed is not a true statement in much of our world today, and this reality concerns me. When we look at a house, we seldom ask about the builder. We marvel at the finished product instead. We may be taken in by the craftmanship that is expressed in the many details or by the fine finishes that have been applied to the cabinetry, but we are not so concerned about the nature, character, and experience of the person whose hands made those objects that we are admiring. Likewise, people are often fully focused upon the importance of our own roles in our world so that we don’t have any attention left to give to others, and we get so engaged with gaining in stature and with growing our own reputations that we don’t grasp the need to spend even more time in deep contemplation of the One who made us and who supplies the creative intelligence and the skill that we use to achieve those personal goals.

No matter who I am or what it is that I have accomplished in my lifetime, I did not invent myself and I certainly didn’t develop my internal qualities out of thin air. There was a creative hand behind that existence. There is a master builder who has a plan that He is following that has led to the orderly nature of this universe and that has produced the wonderous creatures that all people turn out to be. We humans are truly remarkable. We are capable of intricate thoughts, complex calculations, creativity in many spheres of endeavor, and physical feats that excite and amaze. We also express a very broad range of emotions and are capable of demonstrating great compassion and far-reaching care for those in need in our world. All of these qualities are characteristics of the Creator who devised the shape and the form of the lives that we would live. Each good and positive thing that is entered into and accomplished by humanity traces its source back to the love that was imparted to us by the hand of God during His formative work at the beginning of existence.

Jesus was present in all of those creative endeavors. His workmanship is a part of the totality of creative masterwork that is expressed in all that exists in the universe. He pre-existed any and all of the angels, and He certainly came before all of the inhabitants of this world. Thus, even the most faithful and effective of all people who have followed God’s will and calling for their lives is but a pale reflection of the greatness and the glory that is found in Jesus. He is not mere creature, but Jesus is the Creator. He is much more than follower of the Father’s will, although He surely did that without exception, He was a party to the development of the plan that has been implemented as a reflection of that infinite and divine will. So, everything that is loving, good, caring, and truly beautiful in the universe is the product of the creative will that Jesus has poured out into the world. Additionally, the hope of redemption for the broken elements in our world that we can hold as a promise from heaven is made real and is empowered by Jesus as He works in and through people who surrender our lives to His use in the perfecting of that great builder’s mission.