And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth.

John 1: 14

As Mary and Joseph traveled from their home to Bethlehem, a trip that had been mandated by governmental decree, they probably had very little concept of what was really happening. While the eighty or so miles went by, their conversations would surely have covered a wide range of topics, they had about a week of time together to consider their rather new life as a couple and the impending birth of their son. Despite the contact from God regarding Mary and her role in God’s plan to redeem us from evil, they could not have formulated much in the way of an image of how the world was to be changed through their simple obedience. They were doing what they had been told to do, and they would just continue to follow the directions that the Spirit of God would provide.

Yet, in that dark juncture in human history, inside of a cave that was used to house livestock, the glory of God would burst out into our worldly lives. This is the glory that is the light that brings truth and depravity into stark contrast; this is the glory that focuses on the hearts of all people, and shinning as a beacon, it guides the willing to everlasting sanctuary for their souls. God’s glory also serves His children like a lighthouse serves sailors, it warns us of the dangers and the traps that surround us in our life journeys, and it points to the safe channels that will get us through it all successfully. God’s essential character and nature were born into our world as the man Jesus; thus, we could see and relate to our Creator in a way that is absolute and highly compelling to all who will engage the relationship.

Despite our knowledge of God gained over the past two thousand or so years, our technology, and our abundant resources for gaining understanding of God’s will for us, we each still need to enter into our own journey with much the same attitude that Mary and Joseph exhibited. Theirs was a journey of faith and one in which they trusted God. They knew that their lives would never be the same; yet, they also knew that the Lord would take them to places that were greater than any that they could have imagined. Just as they did, we can open our hearts to the glory of God in our world, trust Him to guide each step of our journey, and live as the beneficiaries of His loving grace. Thus, as we live in the fullness of Christ’s glory, we are also bringing the presence of that holy light into the darkness of this fallen world.