For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; for the same Lord is Lord of all, bestowing his riches on all who call on him. For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

Romans 10: 12, 13

As we start to look at these verses from Romans, I would like to expand Paul’s application. In his day, the world that he knew could readily be divided into two major groups of people based upon a rough division between those who were Jewish and everyone else, who are herein referenced as Greeks but who would more accurately be called Gentiles. The expansion that I propose is to include literally everyone into one of those categories. Thus, Paul is, in fact, saying that God shows absolutely no favoritism between people when it comes to tendering the offer to enter into a relationship with Him. Where we are from, who our parents were, what language we speak, or what we look like and the genetic code that informs much of this is all a part of the way that God, Himself, designed and fabricated the person that we have become. Nothing about anyone of us is held by God as of importance in separating us from His love, grace, and presence.

So, we too have no right under God to make such distinctions for ourselves. The universal nature of the application of God’s grace to all people is not an easy and a simple thing that grants freedom in the form of license to people everywhere and in any circumstances that might suit us. Instead, God’s grace allows anyone who chooses to do so to enter into the rigorous world of holy and righteous living that is guided, counseled, encouraged, and empowered by God as He grants the presence of His Spirit to those who know Him. The Lord enables all people to live in peace with each other, and this peace that He calls us into is something that operates in a manner that is foreign to the world that exists outside of His grace and under the rules of the other kingdom on earth, that is the one that is ruled by the forces of this world. Christ is the way that God has established for all people to become residents of His kingdom on earth. This is a kingdom that is defined by internal peace and by love for all that God holds as precious, valuable, and important.

This last concept suggests that people who follow Christ must also be people who seek to eliminate any and all aspects of life and of living in this world that bring about division, strife, and struggles among people who also know the same Lord and Savior. It also leads me to conclude that I and that all other of Christ’s disciples need to follow our Master’s lead in seeking to love and care about all people in this world without regard to any of the distinctions or divisions that we humans have set up as barriers to such interaction and care. We are to love and to seek to share life in Christ with all of the Jews and the Greeks that populate the world that we might access or touch. Thus, everything that we do by virtue of thought, deed, or permission for others to take action needs to be considered in light of how we are working in concert with Christ to bring the saving truth of the gospel and the enfolding love of its author into the hearing and the perceiving of all of the people in our world. This is no small task, but it is a work that flows directly out of God’s heart.