Trust in the Lord forever, for in God, the Lord, we have an everlasting rock.

Isaiah 26: 4


There are things that I trust almost every day. I drive my car at seventy five miles per hour while trusting that wheels will stay on, and I turn on electrical appliances believing that the protective system that has been designed into the wiring will keep the electricity in the machine and not let it run through me. I get out of bed in the morning and trust that my legs will hold me up when I stand; also, I trust that my doctor has knowledge and skill to take good care of my body. The concept of trust is laced through everything that happens in our lives; yet, most of the things and all of the people that we trust will, at least at times, fail to hold up their ends of the bargain, for that is the way things go in this world.


In order to find a trust that will not fail and to get to the level where trust becomes the foundation of calm and peaceful living, we need to dig down deep into the center of creation; since, that is where we reach the foundational bed rock that is the nature, character, and heart of God. Underlying all that is true and everything that is trustworthy is the Creator, and He seeks to give us the sort of confidence and the type of courage that makes the challenges and the concerns of daily living manageable.


It is good to gain knowledge and it is worthy to develop our skills, but it is essential to put our primary energy into getting to know God. None of us know God fully, and no one that I have ever encountered has come to the place in life where they are immune to situations, events, and circumstances that will upset the order of our days. Still, even when the footing that we have been relying upon has turned to quicksand and our most trusted friends have turned against us, the Lord is there to stop the descent into oblivion and to place His loving arms around us. The God of Creation will place your feet on the solid footing of His Word, will warm your chilled soul with His love, and will show you the way into the light of His glory.