They shall not hurt or destroy in all of my holy mountain;

for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.

Isaiah 11: 9


What a time to consider; what a glorious day this will be! Think about what it would be like to walk out of your door into an environment where everyone and all things were not just filled with an understanding of God and of His ways, but they are actually infused with the Lord. The essential make up of this world is all God. That is the picture that Isaiah paints for us here.


Although this is a future promise, and we can do nothing to influence the moment in history when God will make it so, this is also a statement of the potential that exists within each of us. As we stop fighting against God and make peace within our own hearts with His will, we begin to move into this eternal state of shalom with the Lord. I know for myself that the more I set aside my will and seek the Lord’s, the more His presence will fill me.


As I am filled with this intimate knowledge of the Lord and as I allow His Spirit to change my being into the one that He calls me to become, my life is changed into one that reflects more fully the Lord’s desired state of being as a person who is intended to carry God’s image into my world. In these days, this is an important way for this full knowledge of God to be communicated to the world; for the Lord uses the lives of His followers to make His love, grace, and redemption real to other people and to bring His healing touch to all aspects and to every corner of this world.