By wisdom a house is built,

and by understanding it is established;

by knowledge the rooms are filled

with all precious and pleasant riches.

Proverbs 24: 3, 4


God is very orderly in the manner that He approaches almost every aspect of creation, and He desires for us to operate in a like manner, too. So, our approach to gaining the sorts of wisdom, understanding, and knowledge that we need to live successfully in our world is also quite orderly. There is a process to it all that comes to us straight from the mouth of the author of all that is worthwhile and valuable in the universe. All love, peace, justice, and righteousness come into existence out of the will of God, for He is the source of it all just as He is also the one who distributes it into the world that He devised. Without God’s authorship, nothing good and worthy exists, and under His authority, all that is beneficial in the character and the nature of people has been granted to us.


Thus, when it comes to constructing a world wherein justice and right doing are the foundation of our system of governance and management, the only true and valid source for developing a straight and true dwelling place is the Word of God. The singular authority for reading and interpreting those plans is their author, God Himself, as this task is usually undertaken by the Holy Spirit. So, as builders who desire to construct a lasting product that is beneficial to all in our world, we need to continually consult with the Lord as we also yield our own ideas about and approaches to the project at hand to His far superior direction. There are simply no short cuts to this process. Each of us is called by God to be builders who work to repair the broken and misaligned structures in our world and to build up sound and lasting ones in the place of those that are beyond redemption and repair.


As we continue to labor under the direction of God, He leads us into the process of finishing the work that He has called us to engage in. Constructing the foundation, walls, roof, and even the beautiful finishes is a great labor of love and worship to our Lord, but filling it all with the presence of His Spirit and with an outpouring of His nature and character is what finishes it all with the touch of the true Master Craftsman. This is accomplished as we take time to enter into a relationship with the Lord by engaging with His Word, in regular and routine prayer and meditation, by sharing the meaning of relationship with God with others, and in the fellowship of faith with others. The dwelling place of the Lord is adorned with the beautiful lives of people who have been redeemed by the blood of Christ from the death to sin that was the destiny of our birth, and each of us who know Christ are tasked by Him with inviting others to come into the hospitality of God’s house and with sharing the truth of our salvation with all of our guests.