He who testifies to these things says, “Surly I am coming soon.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!

Revelation 22: 20


Persecution, trouble, and trials are not new, and they are not reserved for a place in ancient history, either. They are a part of the reality of a world gone far off the rails of righteousness as it has continued to exist in a rebellious state when it comes to following God and to honoring Him as Lord and King. As he set down these words of revealed truth, John was living in an age where it was dangerous to be a follower of Christ. Today there are many places and situations in our world where that is still the case. We also live in a time when interest in God’s truth and people’s will to follow His just and holy path of love and care for all seems to be far out of fashion. This is a time when the ancient plea and expression of deepest desire, “Come, Lord Jesus!” is more powerful and desirous than it ever has been.


We long for all to be set right in our world. We desire to see the pain, grief, sorrow, and trials of our days come to an end, and this is something that Jesus has promised to do. He will return to walk upon the earth in tangible, physical form, and when He does this, the forces that are arrayed against God will be thrown down and permanently defeated. Their influence and effect will cease, and all that has been broken, torn, and shattered in our world will be restored to the perfection of God’s original work in creation. This restored state is a beautiful dream and the hope of all who know Christ. It is also a desire, a dream, a hope, and an aspiration that we can all embrace and enter into during these turbulent days that we are in now. This is true even as we await that promised restorative return.


The plea for Jesus to come is one that we can embrace ourselves today. He is not absent from our world, and He is not distant from each of His people, either. As a reminder, when Jesus left us He provided His Spirit to dwell in this world and within His people. Also, God has breathed out His Word of Truth for us to enter into and to follow in all aspects of life. The Lord has never been absent from us; so, each of us has the opportunity to enter into the love, peace, grace, and justice that is Christ’s heart and calling for His people. As we desire to live as redeemed people and submit our lives to the Lord’s leading, He is faithful to work within us to transform us into people who live more fully in the reality of redemption. Christ wants each of us to live as people who are actively bringing the hope of that new life into the world that we touch, and that restorative work begins by personally speaking out this plea of submission and commitment, “Come, Lord Jesus! Come into me fully and use me to live and to work for Your glory today!”