I therefore, a prisoner of the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called.

Ephesians 4: 1


It is my belief that we all would like to be considered as being worthy. This goes for almost everything that we do and each position that we hold. Very few people seek out or strive for something less; for, this quality of aspiring to live in a manner that truly merits recognition is something that God designed into people when He made us in His image. Yet, none of us, no one, actually lives in a worthwhile manner. We all come up short of the standard that our Creator sets for us, and we do so with great regularity, and we do it out of a form of practiced skill, too. People, I am a true pack leader in this, fail to love, to show mercy, to care for others, to embrace truth, to live righteously, to be faithful to Christ, and to follow Him in ways that are numerous and on-going. As Paul reminds us in Romans 3:23, we all sin and fall short of the glory of God.


Yet, that is not the way that God wants for us to see ourselves, and it is certainly not the manner that He desires for us to live. He made us for much greater things than that. God designed and created people to be the highest expression of Himself and of His creative nature. We are intended to spend our days in intimate relationship with God, and He calls us to express this relationship in the manner that we love and care for each and every aspect of the world and every one of the people that inhabit it. God has entrusted us with a very high calling and an immeasurably important set of tasks. There is no one else who understands all of this as well or who has the access to the eternal wisdom that is required for it other than people who know the Creator, Himself, through knowing the Son, Jesus Christ.


Christ is the answer to the great challenge of how we, unworthy sinners that we all are, can hope and aspire to actually be worthy in God’s eyes. We are not capable of living in this sinless and love-infused way, but Christ embodies all that is holy, righteous, loving, and pure, and as He enters into each of us when we believe in Him, His character and qualities become our own. So, as we become, like Paul, prisoners of Christ, we submit our lives to following His calling for us. We turn from serving our own will and from seeking what we want and desire to living as servants of the Great King and to seeking to bring the love, truth, grace, justice, and righteousness that are the center of Christ’s heart into every interaction and engagement along the road that we are traveling. It is through this continual submission to Christ that we become truly worthy of His calling, and as this worthiness infuses our being, the world will see the glory of the Lord standing before them in the form of human love and care.