And we know that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding, so that we may know him who is true; and we are in him who is true, in his Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life.

1 John 5: 20


God cares about truth. It matters to Him because He is both its definition and the author of the word truth, itself. So, there is nothing in this world that is true that did not originate with God, and nothing in this world is true if it does not have the touch of God’s hand upon it. Perhaps this is why there is so much in our world that issues forth out of various forms of lie and deceit. Everyone is born into deception, and we all spend significant amounts of time and effort along the way of life attempting to get away from God and the glaring light of the truth that He sheds upon us. Truth is, simply, too revealing and so, too painful for us to handle during our days of wandering outside of God’s righteousness.


That is why we all need Christ. He brings truth to us, but He also brings a redeemed possibility of understanding it and of living out its purpose and call in our lives. Christ also grants the ability to enter into a form of that truth that works to transform soul, heart, and mind in ways that are miraculous, wonderful, and eternal in their scope. If we are in Christ, we reside in truth, and truth settles upon us as our way and means of engaging with our world. When we are untruthful, we are proceeding from the perspective of our old selves, and this should be very uncomfortable for us. When people find that lies and deception are easy to speak and do, they are not living in relationship with Christ, and He is clearly not being expressed by them or their lives.


We live in a world where the lie is far too often seen as a simple convenience or as a necessary tool for handling the situation at hand. People enter into lies and deceitful words and actions without concern for how they might be causing harm or damage. Then they simply change the story when the facts are laid before them. This is thought to be normal and acceptable in our day by many people, but it is never acceptable and is utterly abnormal behavior in the eyes of God. He tells us to speak truth and to have faith in Him for the consequences. The Lord guides us into living as bearers of His truth so that His presence in our world can demonstrate the redemptive glory of Christ in the face of all that is broken and untrustworthy around us. Jesus Christ is God, in fact and in living truth, and He brings to light all that is valid and true in our world. Lord, let my words come out of a heart that dwells in You and that is filled with Your true Word of Life.