Beyond all these things put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity.

Colossians 3: 14


God knew that this was the only real, true, and final answer to what ails this world. Thus, He set in motion His plan for the granting of perfect love to all of us.  This was something that God purposed to do from the very beginning of Creation. God’s love bridges the gap that people have worked so hard to excavate between ourselves and Him; for, we sin and He forgives, we wander and He pursues, and we worship gods of our own making and He makes His presence real to us. The Lord never stops caring more for us than we can ever imagine or hope to imitate.


So, this is His instruction for us as well. Above all else in this life, we need to view all of our relationships and all of our interaction with others as love relationships. That is a really big thing to ask of us frail beings. We don’t typically do love so well. It isn’t the thing that we gravitate toward as our first response to the people who cross our paths in this life. Yet, this is the one response that moves us closest to the way that God views people, and it is also more honest and real than any other way that we can respond to them. Love sees the beauty in the flaws and failings of people, and it seeks to understand the fears and the weaknesses of the beautiful.


When we seek to truly love others, we are forced to draw nearer to God, Himself; for, in order to express love, we benefit from the perspective and the wisdom that the Spirit of Christ gives to us. Also, we gain in our ability to love when we humbly submit to the Lord’s view of relationship in order to set aside our personal biases and fear of engagement with people that appear in circumstances that we find difficult or uncomfortable. God wants to see the people of this world connected in love as a family that is focused and centered on a relationship with Him. When we make love the foundation for all of our interactions with others, we are choosing to behave in the manner that the Lord designed as His primary point of connection to us; thus, we are taking the path that God desires for us to follow in order to enter into relationship with others.