O, guard my soul, and deliver mw!

Let me not be put to shame, for I take refuge in you.

May integrity and uprightness preserve me,

for I wait for you.

Psalm 25: 20, 21


David was a realist. He knew what temptation was all about, and he also knew what happened when you gave in to its call. Yet, despite everything that he had experienced by way of sinful thoughts and actions, David still lived in the presence of God and knew His grace and mercy at a very deep level. David seems to be aware of forgiveness in ways that are profound so that he was certain of God’s desire and intent to redeem him and to do the same for all others who have turned away from righteousness. He also fully recognized the price that we pay for our sinful actions and knew that departure from God’s way of thinking and living was never a good option, and that it was usually a course that led to great pain and to damage to people that we care about and love.


So, David, the realist, turns to the one place that he trusts to give him the wisdom, strength, and capability to travel through the day before him with righteousness as his path and holy integrity as his watchword. He turns to God and to the truth of His Word in order to find the sort of safe haven, the harbor, where he can shelter during the onslaught of the storm that is certain to attempt to engulf him. He knows from experience that this is the sort of thing that requires preparation and preplanning, for evil sets snares and traps in places that seem safe and innocent so that it is rather easy to step into them. The inadvertent look or the casual glance in not the problem. Neither are the momentary wandering thought or consideration of some unrighteous action fatal errors; so, before these departures from God’s path become our committed way, we need a plan to enter into that safe place inside of God’s grace and protection.


Like David, our own strength and determination will not be enough on their own. Yet, we can follow his lead and place our trust in the Lord and turn to Him for safety and the covering of His righteousness. The Lord is trustworthy in all ways and with all things. There is no aspect of life or area of our heart and mind wherein we need to withhold ourselves from God’s care and provision. There are no temptations that we might encounter that God does not understand and have the strength, capacity, or skill that are needed to guard us from them and to save us from within their grasp. The Lord’s integrity, wisdom, and righteous character provide all that we need to live as people who follow Him into lives that will be known for their godliness so that the name of the Lord is truly glorified by all that we say and do.